How to Download Videos from Facebook

Saving permanent copies of the videos you see on the social network to your computer requires a few steps. Here’s the simplest way.

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Downloading a simple low-res video
01:08 Downloading a hi-res video with third-party apps
01:26 How to download using
01:40 How to download on your phone

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– For copyright reasons, Most sharing sites and
social media services make it Difficult for you to download videos. But hey, we trust you. You have your reasons and chances are, You’ve seen a video or two on social media That you need to store permanently. I’m Eric Griffith. And I’m here to give you a quick tutorial On how to download video from Facebook. First, Be aware that the save video link you see In the ellipsis menu next to
most of the videos on Facebook Doesn’t save anything to
your computer or your phone. To actually download on
a desktop PC browser, There are a lot of steps. You copy the link, open
the link in a new tab, Change the www in the URL to say mbasic. That loads the mobile page. Right click the video to
open the link in a new tab, And then you can save the video. But that doesn’t give you a
high resolution video clip. The better bet is to use
third party services. For Facebook the easiest
option is to use the site Called It’s ad supported so don’t
click the wrong spot. Simply paste the URL of
the video into that site, And then click HD quality. You’ll be able to grab a
gorgeous high definition version Of the movie. even works on your mobile phone. To get a Facebook video
URL on your phone however, You have to click the share
button and look for the option To copy the link.

Then you can paste that into, But you’ll want to use the mobile version Of the Firefox browser
for the best results. The video will end up in the
download section of Firefox, But you can easily save it
from there to your photos. Happy downloading.

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