How To Make Money With ChatGPT As A Beginner In 2022 (Easy 10 Minute Guide)

Are you interested in making money with ChatGPT? In this tutorial I will show you how to do it for beginners.

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The first step to making money with CHatGPT is to head over to OpenAi and scroll to the bottom then click ChatGPT, this will take you to the website. Once you are on the ChatGPT website sign up to get your free account

Once you have your account setup you will be taken to a page where you can see example of how the Chat GPT A.I software works. You can do multiple things with this A.I but, I will be showing you the basics and how to make money with ChatGPT. Go to Fiverr and list a service where you can sell something ChatGPT will create, you can do product descriptions like I show in this free tutorial.

What you will be doing to make money is creating content with ChatGPT and selling it online via your own service. You can use Fiverr or websites like Up Work to list your service and make money. This is a great way to earn income online line using this ChatGPT software from OpenAI.

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What’s going on guys so I found the Craziest AI software and this thing is Absolutely insane it’s brand new it’s Called chat GPT and lots of people have Been talking about this insane AI Software and in this video I’m going to Show you exactly how you can make money With chat GPT I’ve been working online For many years and I’ve never ever ever Seen an advanced AI software like this It’s absolutely crazy I’m now using it Every day in my online business and what I want to do in this video show you Exactly how you can make money with this How you can do it for free and I’m going To take you through everything step by Step and I’m going to take you through The basics of this AI software so you Understand exactly how this works and More importantly I’m going to show you How to make money with this so let’s Jump straight into this video and I will Show you exactly how you can make money Online with chat GPT you’re going to Want to watch this all the way to the End because this thing is absolutely Insane it’s going to blow your mind Alright guys this is chat GPT now we’re Not going to get into all of the stuff That this can do because it’s actually Very complex but what I’m going to show You is some base of ways you can use This to make money online and this is an Insane AI bot that people have been

Using they’ve been using it for many Things like for example please scroll Back up to the top here people have been Using it to fix code and things like That but we’re not going to be using it For that today there’s heaps of examples Of things that it can actually do now This might look very confusing but once I actually show you how this all works You’re going to be like wow this is Actually amazing and I can use this for Lots of different things now this is Completely free for you to use so during The research preview usage of chat GPT Is free so I’m not sure if that means I Might bring out some plans later or not But right now you can go and try this For free now the first thing you do is You want to actually go and sign up for The chat GPT you can go to And if you want you can scroll all the Way down to the bottom and go chat GPT And there will be a sign up button on The right I’ve already signed up and I’m Actually logged in once you log in it’s Going to look like this a very basic Screen it doesn’t even scroll down this Is all we have now what I’m going to do Is I’m going to show you an example of How this actually works and then I’ll Show you how you can make money with This particular AI software now this is Actually insane so what I’m going to do Is show you an example and then I’ll

Show you how to make money online with This software so the this is an example Right here that they actually give you You can do this as well got any creative Ideas for 10 year old birthdays so if we Go and click on this what it does is it Puts it in the um thing down here in the Little bar and we go like this And what it does is it gives us Suggestions and ideas for a birthday Party which is really really cool And we’ll just let it do its thing until It finishes so I think it’s going to Give us probably about 10 things okay It’s given us 10 things and then I’m Gonna go Can you make it longer Question mark now it did actually take a While there to Think about things but now it’s spitting Out more and it’s probably going to give Us another 10 I would assume Around about or you could say can you Make it shorter there’s so many things You can do with this specific software So it’s now given us 20 ideas And it’s that easy we can literally go And use this and if we wanted to right So now I’m going to go reset thread and We’re going to go back to the start so How can you actually go ahead and make Some money with this specific AI bot Well it’s actually very simple and in This video I’m going to give you two

Examples of how you can go and make Money online with this what you want to Do is you want to head over to and on you want to Put in something like you want to find Something that people will actually go And purchase a service from you now we Can go through hundreds of them but I’ve Actually picked two really good ones for You that we can use right now in this Video example and I’ll have more videos On this AI software in the future so What I did is I put in product Description into Fiverr and what we can Do is we can get this AI chatbot to Create these descriptions for us and we Can actually sell them on so If you look here people actually have Reviews and they are selling these Specific e-commerce store product Descriptions so what that means is People go to them and say hey I’ve got a Product like a tent or a fishing rod on My store and I need you to write a Description for me very basic thing to Do but you might not know how to write a Description you might not like to spend Time doing it but you could actually use This AI software to do it now and you Could sell it on Fiverr so let me show You a quick quick example real quick and Then we’ll come back to this what I can Do is I can go camping Tint

Description [Music] For online store now as you can see it’s Gone ahead and written this out for me Now you would probably need to edit this Like instead of a campaign tent as a Portable shaft that is designed for Outdoor use you’ll probably do this tent Or something like that or you can even Make it longer by going can you make This longer Question mark Or you could do things like can you make It more informal can you make it less Informal can you make a more Professional sounding there’s so many Different variations you can actually do To make a product description I’m just Showing you the actual basics of this But you can go through and you know mess With it if you like so there’s things Like when choosing a camping tent it’s Important to consider the size weight Type and all sorts of things like that Like look at all of the stuff that it’s Writing for you and now it’s doing an Extremely longer version for us so we Could go and edit take and do whatever We want with it and then what we can Actually do is we can literally go and Start a service on fiber selling product Descriptions a very easy way to go and Make money with this AI software bot and As you can see these guys are actually

Making money so if we click on this Person’s one right here They have reviews they have three orders In queue but more importantly is their Pricing so this is NZ dollars so take Away about 40 for US dollars with a Basic standard and premium so premium is 500 for 10 product descriptions I Literally just did one right now with The software and then we have standard And then we have basic so you could Definitely go ahead and make money doing Product descriptions now another way That you can make money with this and Probably one of my favorites because I Actually do this myself is you can go to Fiverr and put in articles and you can Actually sell full articles online with This AI software bot now I actually have A writer but I also use the software to Do some articles on my blogs as well so I’ll show you an example real quick so This this is actually my live website It’s live right now you can see that if We click on this one here it should have My face at the bottom Yep there’s my face there Frank so what I can do is I can actually go how much Does a boat trailer weigh so we can go Something like Um Boats Trailer weight Examples see what that does

So it’s actually giving us all the Information now I was actually giving us examples I did Not realize it was going to do this Given us full examples Of the different types of boat trailers Okay it’s actually insane We go can you make this longer Question mark So this is very cool we see it live in Action it’s actually doing its job right Here This is really really cool So do you know what in about 40 seconds we’ve literally written an Entire article right in front of your Eyes you could use It’s actually longer than this So there we go So you can actually use this AI software Chat GPT to go and create a full article On boat weight examples just like I have In my article right here it’s absolutely Insane and what you can do is you can go And sell these to people um who are Looking for it on Fiverr so you can go Ahead and start your own gig on Fiverr Where you can go ahead and you can sell Optimized articles for SEO Two people that are actually looking to Buy them and as you can see people make Pretty good money doing this so for Example we just created one in around About 40 seconds and these people are

Selling 500 word articles for 16 now we Probably just wrote a thousand word Article so let’s just um say here we go A thousand word article 32 and honestly There’s so many ways you can make money With this particular software so if you Do want to know more ways to actually Make money with this make sure you hit The Subscribe button because I will have Some more videos coming out soon on how You can make money with chat GPT I’ll See you guys in the next video but That’s that’s exactly how it works and This stuff is amazing I’m going to play Around with it some more and see what Other content I can bring you guys with This chat bot

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