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Technology can be a lot of fun and useful, but it can also make life a bit complicated. Luckily, there are many hidden tricks and shortcuts that can make tech work for you.

From tips for using the iOS email app to advanced iPhone gesture commands, these tricks will help you use your gadgets more efficiently.

Xperia Tips Service

The Xperia Tips Service is a free app that helps you learn about the various systems and features your phone has to offer. Unlike traditional apps, the Xperia Tips Service uses context-sensitive pop-ups to give you quick and easy access to information. You can even set it to show you tips that are more relevant to your device or your current task.

The tips service is a great way to discover hidden Xperia technologies and optimize your usage. It can be especially useful if you’re new to Sony-flavored Android and need a little help getting up to speed.

To get the most out of the Xperia Tips Service, you should download it for the right version of your Xperia smartphone or tablet. It’s also a good idea to keep it up to date by downloading the latest software updates available for your device, and performing a software repair when you notice an issue with the UI or performance.

A software update is the best way to solve the most common Xperia phone issues, and it’s an excellent way to boost performance. A software update can be installed wirelessly from your device, or you can use Sony’s computer software to perform a manual update on a compatible PC.

Aside from the Xperia Tip Service, there are several other useful apps that you may want to consider downloading. One of these is the Xperia XZ3’s S-Force Front Surround feature, which can be used to produce impressive effects when playing movies on your device.

TipSee Free

TipSee Free is one of the best apps for waiters and other tipped employees. It can help workers stay organized by separating tips by day. It also features a monthly calendar that makes it easy to track earnings.

It can also remind employees to record their tips, which helps them avoid forgetting about them. It allows users to set up a time they want to receive reminders.

The app also lets employees see their total tips by day and week. They can export the data to Excel and print it, which makes it easier for them to share. It is also safe for tipped employees to use because it stores data directly on their phone or tablet.

This app is great for servers, bartenders, DJs, dealers (gaming), and other tipped employees. It has a simple summary view that lets them quickly look at their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tip totals. It even shows them which days have resulted in the best tips.

It also has a built-in calendar that shows all tips for the month on a single page. You can also upload your favorite picture as a background image and customize the app to your liking.

TipSee is free to download and use on any Android device that supports 26 api or above. It offers a wide range of features, including auto backup and exporting to Microsoft Excel or other financial packages.

TipSee Free is ranked #1 in Finance category in Google Play, and it has 5666 ratings with an average rating of 4. It is an android apps developed by Web Coast Apps. It was released on 2017-06-28 and last updated on 2021-04-19.

TipSee Pro

TipSee Pro is a free tip tracking app that allows users to track their tips, view tip patterns, and quickly compare tips for the week, month or year. It is a great app for servers, bartenders, hosts, valets and anyone who receives tips on a regular basis.

Tip See is easy to use and has features that aren’t found on other tip tracking apps, like auto backup and exporting to excel or other financial packages. You can also upload a favorite photo from time to time as a background image to customize your app to your liking.

It is a unique iPhone tips app running local to your phone, so it doesn’t leave you vulnerable to having your data exposed online. However, it’s a good idea to back up your data manually every so often in case you lose your phone or it breaks down. You can also configure TipSee to automatically remind you when it is time to enter your tips.

You can easily enter the hours worked for each client, and select which clients you want to associate with the tips you’re getting. This feature can be turned on from the Options menu and is a great way to keep track of your tips by client.

If you have more than one job you can enter a separate wage amount for each job, and TipSee will calculate your totals for each job separately. This will give you a better picture of how much you actually earn and allow you to compare jobs by wage amounts or by number of tips per hour.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the “Give Feedback” button in the settings menu. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tips & Tricks for Android

Google’s Android mobile operating system is a powerhouse. It’s a popular choice for smartphones and tablets, owing in large part to the company’s commitment to open source software. In fact, it’s bigger than iOS and trumps Windows and macOS as the most widely used computing platform. It’s also got a lot of tricks up its sleeve, especially when it comes to tweaking the Android experience for the better. Thankfully, the best Android tips are usually found in the form of user guides and manuals — if you know where to look.

Whether you’re looking for the best way to get more work done on your phone, the smartest way to keep your device healthy and happy, or the most clever use of your smartphone’s capabilities, we have a tip for you. You’ll find all this and more in our library of mobile tech and lifestyle solutions. The best part is, you can read our e-books on the go using our free O’Reilly app. The app is available on iOS, Windows and Android devices, so you can stay connected no matter where you are.

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