How to Make YouTube Videos using ChatGPT (Generative AI)

Generative AI is exciting, and you wanna make videos with it. Don’t lie, I know you do. Well thankfully, you came to the right place. Relax and Just watch the video. Everything is going to be ok!

ChatGPT prompt: Write the most gut wrenching passage about two Pandas talking to each other on Mars:

The two pandas stood on the desolate, red landscape of Mars, their white fur stark against the dusty terrain. They looked at each other, their black eyes filled with sadness and longing.
”I never thought it would end like this,” one of the pandas said, her voice shaking with emotion.
”Me neither,” the other panda replied, tears streaming down his face. ”We were supposed to be together forever, to spend our days playing and exploring this strange new world together.”
”But now, we’re all alone,” the first panda said, her voice barely above a whisper. ”We’ll never feel the warmth of the sun on our fur, or the grass beneath our paws again.”
The two pandas fell silent, their hearts heavy with grief. They had been through so much together, and now, they were facing the greatest challenge of all: the knowledge that they would never see each other again.
As the tears continued to flow, the two pandas hugged each other tightly, knowing that this was their final moment together. They clung to each other, their hearts breaking, as the harsh realities of their situation settled in.
In that moment, the two pandas knew that they would never be able to escape the pain and loss that had consumed them. They would spend the rest of their days on Mars, alone and forgotten, their love and friendship a distant memory in a cold, unforgiving world.

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I think so far we’ve been in the realm Where it’s you know you can do like an Incredible copywriting business or you Can do like a sort of like Education Service or whatever but we I don’t think We’ve yet seen the kind of like people Go after the like you know trillion Dollar like take on Googles Open AI was founded with the goal of Advancing the field of artificial Intelligence and making it accessible to All their latest creation chat gbt is a Language model that can generate Human-like text making it an individual Tool for anyone looking to write scripts For their YouTube videos which had GPT All you have to do is provide a brief Prompt and the AI will do the rest want To come up with a recipe for a healthy Breakfast simply provide the prompt and Let chat GPT generate some delicious Ideas or if you’re in the mood for a Laugh give it the prompt jokes about Dogs and watch chat GPT churn out some Canine themed comedy while it may not be Perfect it is certainly a valuable tool For any Creator looking to generate new Ideas and find the right words and now The moment you’ve all been waiting for The reveal the script you’ve been Listening to is actually written by Jai GPT yes the very AI tool we’ve been Discussing has been at work behind the Scenes crafting this very script

Okay so now that you know the first part Of this video was written by Chad GPT Let me tell you about my experience Making it first of all I have to say I Was a little skeptical at first I mean Can a machine really write a script that Sounds like a human I started by Providing a prompt to chat GPT something Along the lines of script for a YouTube Video about chat GPT and then I just sat Back and let it do its thing to be Honest I was blown away by the results Chad GPT generated a script that sounded Like it was written by a human it was Engaging informative and even a little Funny I mean who knew AI could be so Clever of course the script wasn’t Perfect there were a few awkward phrases And grammatical errors here and there But overall I was impressed by how well Chachi BT was able to capture the tone And style of a human’s group okay okay This is actually me I promise this time But honestly it doesn’t even need to be Mean you really couldn’t be 100 sure it Wasn’t the chat again generative AI is Rising the tides of all Industries if You ask it directly in a way that’s Easily digestible to comprehend it can Execute a wide array of pretty simple Still very impressive coding tasks one Section of an industry I believe that Sort of ended themselves are business Writers assistants to write emails

Clickbait article writers and anyone who Posts on LinkedIn all these styles of Writing are extremely formulaic and it Doesn’t really matter who writes it the Content differentiates the media not the Stylistic choices I’m not saying that Personality won’t matter it’s just that More people will be able to express Themselves in any way possible I could Literally ask the chat GPT to write an Essay defending why I should eat ice Cream for dinner in the style of Obama’s Speeches as this technology gets better And better everyone will become a Director eventually along the road this Tech will become so good that you could Basically build a product on your own Automate the advertising campaign script The blog post create the visuals for the Videos it’s not that humans won’t be Creative anymore it’s just that we are Now able to do so more extensively in Broader ways with less holding us back As the sun sets another day we are left To ponder the enigmatic nature of Artificial intelligence in the grand Scheme of things we’re about mere Mortals finite in our abilities and Understanding yet we have created a Machine an entity not bound by the same Limitations as we it is a creature of Our own making and we must consider the Consequences of our actions a machine Unburdened by morals or ethics but even

As we consider these dangers we must Also recognize the potential benefits of Artificial intelligence it has the power To solve problems that have eluded us For centuries to unlock the mysteries of The universe and to improve the lives of Countless individuals as we move forward We must tread carefully ever mindful of The potential pitfalls and Perils of Artificial intelligence for in the end It is up to us to ensure that this Technology is used for the betterment of Humanity Foreign Oh and by the way I have no idea who Emmanuel Kant or Kant is I don’t even Know how to say his name I just use the Bot

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