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– It can be a lot to juggle
two separate Gmail accounts At the same time. Unfortunately, Google
currently offers no way To actually merge two or more accounts, But luckily there are some workarounds, Including forwarding
emails, importing contacts, And transferring your
calendar appointments. I’m Chandra Steele with, And here are the best ways To sort of combine two Gmail accounts. To forward your emails from
one Gmail account to another, Head to the settings icon
in the upper right corner And select ”See All Settings,” Then choose the tab for
Forwarding and POP/IMAP, And click ”Add a forwarding address.” An email confirmation will then be sent To the second email address. It’s important to decide, though, What should be done with
the forwarded emails In your old account. Google gives you four options
in the forwarding settings. Keep the copy in the inbox,
mark the copy as read, Archive the copy, delete the copy. It’s probably best to choose
options one or two to start, Just to make sure that the
forwarding is working correctly, And, as always, be sure
to click ”Save Changes” At the bottom when you’re done. It’s also worth noting that, if you’d like, You can still send emails From your old account
with your new account. In the settings of your new account, Go to Accounts and Import. In the section for ”Send Mail As,” Click the link for ”Add
another email address.”

In the pop-up window, type
your email address in, But leave the option for
”Treat as an alias” checked. You’ll need to send a verification email, But after verifying,
you’ll have the option To send from either email address The next time you write an email. As for importing your emails and contacts From a separate email address,
it’s quite easy to do. Under settings, you’ll go again To the Accounts and Import tab, And in the section for
”Import mail and contacts,” Just click the ”Import
mail and contacts” link. You’ll then put it in
your old Gmail address Via the pop-up window, and click Continue. To finish importing your
emails and contacts, Sign into your old Gmail account. Click the Allow button To allow the Gmail ShuttleCloud Migration To access your emails and
contacts from your old account. You’ll be given a list of import options, And you can choose accordingly. After clicking Start Import, It may take several hours, or even days Before all of your imported emails And contacts will show up. It’s worth noting that your new account Will generate a label
for your imported emails So you can easily find them. Lastly, you may want to import Your calendar appointments and events From your old account to your new one. To do this, sign into your old account, Click the Google Apps
icon, and select Calendar. At the Calendar screen,

Click the settings icon,
and select Settings. In the left pane, click the
setting for Import & Export, Then click the Export button. The export is created
as an iCalendar ICS file Contained in a zip
downloaded to your computer. Extract the zip file
to get to the ICS file. Return back to your new Google account And open the Calendar settings. Click Import & Export, Then the button for ”Select
file from your computer.” Choose the exported ICS
file and import it in. While the calendar is being imported, The Import button will be grayed out. Wait until the button
becomes available again, Then check the calendar
in your new account To confirm that all the
appointments and events Have been imported. And that’s it. Get ready to say goodbye To endlessly toggling
between your Gmail accounts.

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