How to Mirror Your iPhone Screen on a Computer

If you want to view your iPhone screen on a laptop or desktop, but you don’t have an Apple TV, you can do it with a third-party app or through a built-in secret feature on the Mac.

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– If you want to view your iPhone screen On a laptop or desktop but
you don’t have an Apple TV, You can do it with a third-party app Or through a built-in
secret feature on the Mac. Ready to learn how? I’m Eric Griffith from, And here’s how to mirror your
iPhone screen on a computer. For iPhone users with a Windows PC, We recommend using LonelyScreen. It’s a bare-bones app
that does just one thing: It tricks your iPhone into
thinking your PC is an Apple TV. Install and launch LonelyScreen
on your Windows PC. Click the LonelyScreen
title along the bottom To change the name of your AirPlay server. Then, from your iPhone,
open the Control Center, Tap the Screen Mirroring button And select LonelyScreen from the list. From there, you can maximize
the window for a closer look And click the arrow in the bottom right To bring up a Record button. That lets you capture video clips. It’s worth noting that LonelyScreen Will only give you a free trial, Which should be sufficient
for a quick screen share. However, if you want
more advanced features, A paid app like Reflector
for $18 or AirServer for $20 Will do the trick as well. For casting your iPhone
screen to a MacBook or iMac, You have to plug your phone in over USB. Once connected, open the
QuickTime Player app, And head to File and
then New Movie Recording And a new window should appear. Click the down arrow
next to the Record button In the movie window,

And you should see your iPhone appear In the dropdown under camera. Select your phone from the list And its screen will appear on your Mac. If you want to mirror
your phone wirelessly, LonelyScreen, Reflector and AirServer Are available for macOS too. There is no reason to
limit your iPhone screen To just your iPhone.

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