How to Pick the Right Apple Watch Solo Loop Band Size

The new Solo Loop band for the Apple Watch comes in nine different sizes and stretches over your wrist without a clasp, buckle, or overlapping parts. We tested Apple’s measuring guide for sizing, so read on for our advice on how to get the right fit.

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Hi i’m angela mascaratolo from pc mag And today i’m going to show you How to select the right apple watch solo Loop Band size after testing apple’s Recommended methods for finding your Size I have some advice on how to get the Best fit so you’ll see the sizing tool On apple’s site when you go to buy a Solo loop And apple says this is the fastest and Easiest way to find your band size You need to print it out Then cut it out [Music] Use tape to hold the wider part in place On your skin Then wrap it tightly around your wrist And note the number the arrow points to If you’re between sizes be sure to size Down When taking your measurement be sure to Wrap it around The narrowest part of your wrist if you Place the tool Too high on your arm you’re gonna get The wrong size And here’s the most important thing be Sure to pull it tightly Tighter than you think you should the Actual band stretches So you want it to be a bit snug a lot of Us don’t have printers these days

And if you are one of those people you Can use apple’s Household objects tool to find your size Basically you use a tape measure to Measure your wrist In centimeters or inches then enter It on apple’s website and it tells you Your size If you don’t have a tape measure you can Use a strip of paper or even a phone Cord Just pull it tightly note where it Overlaps then measure that with a ruler Like with the printable tool make sure To wrap whatever material you’re using Around your wrist Tightly the 49 Solo loop and the 99 braided solo loop Are compatible With the apple watch se as well as the Series 4 5 and 6. You

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