How to Turn Your Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

With a few taps, you can turn your smartphone into a source for internet that laptops, tablets, and other phones can use. Here’s how to turn your phone into a hotspot.

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– Hi, I’m Sascha Segan from Are you in a pinch? And there’s no Wi-Fi available? No problem. With just a few taps, you
can turn your smartphone Into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi hotspots essentially take a phone And turn it into a magical
reservoir of internet For other devices to connect to. But some phones do it
differently than others, So here’s what you need to
know about getting set up. For iOS users, you’ll
want to go to Settings, Then Personal Hotspot and
toggle on Allow Others to Join. If you don’t see Personal
Hotspot in Settings, Tap Cellular then Personal Hotspot And make sure you note the Wi-Fi password. Then open the Wi-Fi menu on the device You want to connect to the internet. Look for your device, select
it, then enter the password On your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot screen. For Android users, accessing
a hotspot depends a bit On your device and what version
of Android you’re running. Typically, you can open
the pull-down shade And turn on your mobile hotspot Or find it buried in Settings. Where exactly it appears and
what it’s called will differ Depending on your phone’s manufacturer And the version of Android. Samsung phones often put it in
Connections, Mobile Hotspot, Or Tethering Mobile Hotspot. If you have an LG phone,
though, it should only ask you To tap Settings and then Tethering. On any device, the fastest way to find it Is usually going to be
through going to your settings

And searching for the word
”hotspot” or ”tether.” Once your hotspot has been enabled, There should be a network
name and password displayed In the settings screen
that can then be used To connect another device to the internet. If you’re on 5G or a
particularly fast network, Make sure to turn on
the five gigahertz mode In the Hotspot Settings. That creates a much faster hotspot Than the default 2.4 gigahertz. And of course, those
aren’t your only options. If you need a mobile hotspot,
but can’t use your phone, You can turn your laptop into a hotspot, And, of course, you can buy
a hardware hotspot as well. You can read all about those on Having Wi-Fi doesn’t need to be a problem. There’s a lot of ways to get it, Even where you can’t find it otherwise.

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