How to Use Technology to Fuel Long-Distance Love

How to Use Technology to Fuel Long-Distance Love.
Video chatting and texting are essential tools in the digital dating world, especially when you and your partner are apart.
However, there is only so much you can do with multicolored heart emojis, minute-long voice memos, and animated GIFs.
Here are my favorite ways to keep a long-distance relationship alive and well:

Share Reminder Photos.
Who doesn’t adore sending and receiving cute– and sometimes spicy –pics?
Photos are an excellent way to stay in touch and share daily activities and accomplishments–even if it’s just how good your winged eyeliner looked before girls’ night.
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When my boyfriend and I began our whirlwind Web 2.0 romance, we discovered Locket (available for iPhone and Android).
Locket is a widget that displays photos right on partners’ respective home screens.
Not only does the widget encourage us to keep each other up to date on our activities, it also lets me remind my boo how cute I look in my different outfits and makeup looks of the week.

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