HP E24d G4 FHD Advanced Docking Monitor Review

Although HP’s E24d G4 FHD Advanced Docking Monitor has typical resolution, brightness, and color quality for a 24-inch display, its deep port mix and abundance of business-ready features give it an edge as a corporate productivity monitor.

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It’s not often that we see a corporate Productivity monitor With a whole bunch of cool stuff going On but hp’s E24 dg4 advanced docking monitor Is a rare exception it’s a combination Of a good basic panel for everyday work And a dock for your laptop and other Portable hardware It’s not a very big monitor the e24dg4 Is a 23.8 inch Ips panel that has a 1080p native Resolution If a 24 inch class screen like this one Is not big enough for you Hp makes a 27 inch version of this Monitor with much of the same features The e24d g4 also supports height Tilt swivel and pivot adjustments Thanks to a really flexible stand also The back has vasa compliant mounting Holes For arm or wall mounting where it gets Interesting though is in the little Details that you can’t see right away Hp includes a pull-up webcam with a Built-in microphone You can use the camera to log into your Pc through windows hello recognizing Your face Or for the usual video conferencing and You can pop the camera back down for Guaranteed privacy When you’re not using it that’s way

Better than sticking tape over the lens The monitor can also act as a charger For laptops that support Charging over a usb type-c cable You can connect your computer to the E24d g4 With a usb type-c cable and use that as Both the monitor signal cable And have it supply your pc with up to 100 watts of power So you might be considering this panel For an office environment or Lots of them for an office situation Depending on how an office looks in 2020 And beyond So what’s also interesting here this Monitor has an rj45 ethernet jack It supports gigabit ethernet and when an Hp laptop is connected to the e24d via Usbc An i.t department can remotely perform Administrative and security tasks Via the ethernet connection an it person Doesn’t have to come to your desk One nifty feature in this monitor that You won’t see on most panels of any kind Is a virtual kvm switch Kvm stands for keyboard video and mouse And in this case the feature lets you Connect two computers to the monitor And easily switch between their inputs As well as share one mouse and keyboard That are connected to the monitor’s usb Ports

Speaking of those usb ports the e24 dg4 In essence has a usb hub inside you can Connect External hard drives and other Peripherals to the four downstream usb 3.1 Ports and a downstream usb c port These ports also support the fast Charging of small devices You can also daisy chain a second Monitor to the e24 dg4 From its displayport out connector we Tested the e24 dg4 with our usual test Procedures And found its brightness contrast ratio And color gamut coverage All within the acceptable range this Isn’t a monitor built for fine-tuning Photos or for serious color work But more so for everyday productivity Tasks We gave the e24 dg4 an editor’s choice Award for a corporate productivity Monitor Because of its exceptional usb hub which Lets you dock up to five small devices To it and charge them as well And the uncommon extras the webcam the Ethernet jack The daisy chain ability and to accept Dual inputs Through its virtual kvm switch you can Check out our full review On pcmag.com

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