HP ZBook Firefly 14 G7 Review

An entry-level mobile workstation, the HP ZBook Firefly 14 G7 is small, sleek, and budget-friendly.

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– As mobile workstations go, The HP ZBook Firefly is
not particularly powerful, But it is exceptionally thin and light, And it has many of the features
that workstation users need. The ZBook Firefly weighs
less than three pounds, Which definitely qualifies it
as an ultra-portable laptop. But it also has an NVIDIA
Quadro graphics card, Which could be useful if you
need to perform certain types Of special tasks like 3D rendering
or architectural designs, Or maybe multimedia and coding. Now, the review unit that
we’ve tested out here, Is right around $2,400, Which is expensive for a
general business laptop, But it’s actually quite a good deal For a machine that comes with
these software certifications That many people need. As a result, We’re picking it as
our new editor’s choice For best entry-level mobile workstation. Some of my other favorite
features about this laptop Include the 4K display, The ease of access in the bottom here, So that you can easily
remove the back cover To replace or upgrade components, And a surprisingly comfortable
touchpad and keyboard That makes it easy for
you to type comments To your creative or design
teams as you review their work. Overall, the new HP ZBook Firefly Is not the most powerful or
the largest mobile workstation That you can buy, But it certainly will help you
get your work done in style And on budget.

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