Huawei launches Watch Buds, Kids Watch 5X series and Watch GT 3 Pro Collector’s Edition

Huawei launches Watch Buds, Kids Watch 5X series and Watch GT 3 Pro Collector’s Edition smartwatches.
Huawei introduced several new smartwatches at its event in China earlier today and we’ve got the details on all four new wearables.
Huawei Watch Buds is a 2-in-1 device that works as your regular smartwatch but with a screen that opens up to reveal a pair of TWS earbuds.
The watch brings a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen with a 466x466px resolution.
The casing is made from stainless steel while the leather watch strap comes in at 22mm and is available in black and brown colors.
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Rounding out the smartwatch bit – it supports heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking, sleep and stress management as well as heart rate atrial fibrillation screening and ECG readings.
You also get 80 workout modes.
The earbuds offer AI noise cancelation for calls and music listening.

Foreign [Music] Watch buds kids watch 5x series and Watch GT3 Pro collectors edition smart Watches Huawei introduced several new Smart watches at its event in China Earlier today and we've got the details On all four new wearables QA watch buds Is a two in one device that works as Your regular Smartwatch but with a Screen that opens up to reveal a pair of Tws earbuds the watch brings a 1.43 inch Mold screen with a 466 X 466px resolution the casing is made from Stainless steel while the leather watch Strap comes in at 22 millimeters and is Available in black and brown colors to Stay up to date with latest top stories Make sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video rounding out the Smartwatch Bit it supports heart rate monitoring Spo2 tracking sleep and Stress Management as well as heart rate atrial Fibrillation screening and ECG readings You also get 80 workout modes the Earbuds offer AI noise cancellation for Calls and music listening watch buds Weighs 66.5 grams without the strap While the earbud are 4 grams each the Buds are ip54 rated while the watch does Not get official Ingress Protection due To its opening mechanism Badu glonus and GPS positioning are also on board watch

Buds runs harmonious 3 and pairs over Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity Huawei claims The watch and its buds have a combined Battery life of three days the wireless Earbuds get four hours of music playback Or 2.5 hours of talk time with noise Cancellation off a full charge via the Proprietary magnetic charger should take 100 minutes huawea watch buds is priced At CNY 2988 429 and is already on open sale in China No word on global availability for now Huy kids watch 5x and 5x Pro are the Latest kids watches from Huawei and they Offer 1.6 inch mold screens with 300 60x 320px resolutions and dual cameras in a Rigged plastic shell there's a 5mp front Camera and an 8mp rear module and both Watches can be rotated 360 degrees and Even removed from the watch band Altogether the pro model has the added Benefit of a secondary monochrome screen On its back which can be used to save Power and is also less distracting than The main one there are cellular Connectivity with a physical nano SIM Slot as well as Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2 both watches pack 1GB RAM And 8GB internal storage kids watch 5x Comes in at 56.3 millimeters 43.58 millimeters 14.45 millimeters while the pro model is A tad thicker at 14.9 millimeters and

Weighs 78.7 grams both kids watch 5x Models are ipx8 rated UA watch kids 5x Pro cost CNY 1989 286 dollars and comes in per purple And black while the kids 5x model will Sell for cmy 1598 230 and is offered in pink and blue Colors QA watch GT3 Pro collectors Edition is the fourth Smartwatch Announced today as the name implies it's A limited edition of the standard Huawei Watch GT3 Pro with a black Nano Crystalline ceramic casing with gold Accent elements the watch is available In a single 43 millimeter size and Brings exclusive New Year of the rabbit Watch faces QA watch GT3 Pro cost CNY 4988 717 in China Foreign [Music]

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