Huge sale sends 6-year-old Battlefield 1’s player count into the stratosphere

Huge sale sends 6-year-old Battlefield 1’s player count into the stratosphere.
Six year old Battlefield 1 (opens in new tab) is having a mini renaissance on Steam right now, breaking into the top-selling games list and peaking at nearly 51,000 players today following three prior days of big player counts.
That 51K is nearly 10 times bigger than the 24-hour peak of the much more recently released Battlefield 2042 (opens in new tab).
This data comes courtesy of inimitable stats-tracking site SteamDB (opens in new tab).
If you’re wondering why are gamers flocking back to the Great War, look no further than Battlefield 1’s current 88% off sale, reducing it to a measly $4.79/£4.19/4,79€.
It’s not players in the United States or Europe that are driving the spike either.
These big player numbers are concentrated between 12:00 and 14:00 UTC, peak gaming hours of between 8pm and 10pm in East Asian time zones like China Standard Time.
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