Hustle / Grind Alpha Bro vs. Random ChatGPT Guy

Inside everyone there are two wolves but inside me… there are three.
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I wake up at exactly 4am every morning Not because I want to but because the Grind calls me get to it one thousand Goblin squats freezing cold shower Coffee and by 5am I’m at my workstation Primed and ready to go so I probably Work for my 10 38 to 10 47 and you know That’s that’s kind of my work day and One day I was just like hey Chad GPT can You automate just a bunch of revenue Streams and it was like yeah I put in 16 hour days crypto trading Marketing branding social media side Hustles anything to get ahead my Religion is the grind I used to work at The DiGiorno’s Factory that’s the thing I don’t know how to code I don’t know Marketing but chat CPT does chatgpt you Are brilliant a lot of money a lot and I Don’t do anything some people say work Smarter no kill yourself to death by Working there are no shortcuts in this Life there are no cheat codes this is Definitely a cheat code this is a Shortcut there’s untapped value Everywhere and I grind to extract hustle Culture you mean asking chat GPT Questions all day Sigma grind set You mean chat GPT I subsist on only Minerals and vitamins you can’t stop This grind inside everyone there are two Wolves but inside me there are three now I’m just gonna chill and I got like a Whole communal Garden that I’m building

I’m gonna go paint Eat some cereal I don’t some people work To live I work to work some people say Work smarter not harder but I’m not a Smart man why be intelligent if you got Artificial intelligence What the [ __ ] is chair GPT Probably some beta male cheat code [ __ ] sleep is for the week let’s go All night you guys gonna edit this Documentary yourself or you want me to Ask chat GPZ I say hey I say Hatchet I say hey chat

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