Inside California EV startup Zero Motorcycles

We talk to the CEO of Zero Motorcycles and visit their California factory to check out the new electric SR/F.

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[Music] Fundamentally we aim to sort of Transform and elevate the motorcycling Experience and by doing that we expect To make a huge dent in transforming Transportation globally what are some of The top features that you would Highlight with the 0s are the three key Things that we talked about what we Talked about srf are effortless power Ever less control and effortless Connection effortless power gets to the Things you’re used to hearing about Which are the performance Characteristics torque horsepower talk To be effortless control gets to the Control systems our new operating system The cypher 3 an advanced motorcycle Stability control and the third is Effortless connection through our app The dash and wireless module we’re now Making the first IOT motorcycle and have A lot of functionality in the app and on The bike that’s never existed the Maximum range of the vehicle in Eco mode Is going to be about 220 miles we Publish our highway range at about 165 To 170 miles and that’s at 65 miles an Hour The faster you ride the less range You’re going to see and then recharge Time for us if you use the maximum in Our rapid charging system it’s going to Be 12 kilowatts and it’s going to be

Around an hour to go from zero totally Empty to 80% full How much vcv you guys raised well we’ve Had a consistent private equity partner For the last ten years of the thirteen And they have invested alone 250 million Dollars to get us this book how do you Get to profitability as a neat Motorcycle startup the largest challenge That I faced today as CEO is making the Appropriate investments to scale our Production to meet the demand we’ve seen For SRF that in addition to the growth You see an e V adoption in the four Wheel space entrance of competitors Continued growth and infrastructure they All indicate that the scale we need is Here that we’re hitting a different kind Of ramp and scale fundamentally is the Only way when you’re making a premium Product like this that you cross that Threshold of profitability is the srf Model a bid to go mass-market against Gas motorcycles and also other Emoto Startups we’re still making a premium Motorcycle at a premium price point if You were gonna make a comparison to Tesla this would be more Armada less Than our model 3 right as far as a High-performance motorcycle but I think The gaps in any kind of gaps that it Existed in the past between fit and Features and finish on our electric Motorcycle versus a gas those are gone

We approach this I don’t know that I Would say differently but we were able To approach it without all the fences That an old architecture would impose on You and the industrial design of the Motorcycle as great as it was it was Done afterwards right you had an Electric powertrain and then you did the Initial design of the motorcycle to fit That electric powertrain on this bike From the beginning it all had to be Integrated we knew that as we were doing Higher levels of performance we would Need to have heat sinks on the battery To to allow better thermal transfer of That heat generation to the outside so Why not make those heat sinks look Beautiful right same thing with the Motor and here we’re making the motor The central part of the motorcycle all The teams were collaborating to develop All this at the same time so it was Really great to see the collaboration Teamwork and making all this happen Which results in the product that’s Pretty phenomenal I think that we have Been the brand that has helped to define The category of premium electric Motorcycles with a launch of srf where We now sort of redefined what it means And raised the bar so I think we still See ourselves as the protagonist whether It comes to regional or global tax Incentives pushing the technology

Forward and pushing adoption and Awareness this is what we do every day It’s all we do and we continue to push That forward and be the brand that’s Leading the charge when it comes to – we Like [Music]

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