Inside Planet 13, the world’s largest cannabis dispensary

We got a backstage tour into the world’s largest cannabis dispensary, just blocks away from the Las Vegas strip.

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[Music] At a hundred and twelve thousand square Feet this facility is half the size of a Walmart and as the world’s largest Cannabis dispensary it’s a beautiful Facility and inside there making it a Destination for cannabis we’re here Because they allow cameras they gave us A full tour we saw where they mate on Their cannabis product from infusing Beverages to making chocolates and Gummies we also got a sneak peek into The weed museum and that’s gonna be Located right next to a large pool that Overlooks the strip there’s Entertainment everywhere when you walk In there’s an interactive floor there’d Be butterflies fluttering throughout the Hallways we saw orbs floating overhead The dispensary there’s interactive Displays outside and inside all through The entire building [Applause] 113 open about May of 2016 Medicinal long and then July 1st of the Following year 2017 our recreation was Pass were able to open and in ten months We did 18 million dollars out of 2,300 Square feet what I was in god of a high School ready to join the airforce Working at the gas station a friend Comes from California with the first Joint and said you want a bud try one And we said yeah I’ll buy one who gives

You a little sticker with a 13 on it and A circle around it so what does 13 had To do with marijuana he said it’s the 13th letter at the alphabet is the a me All the kids knew was going out the Parents didn’t he was cool at the time That’s where we started with the 13th we Did plan a 13 planet Amer planet Marijuana We have 85 bud tenders 50 different Vendors we only grow 10% of our products With us we buy from the other 50 vendors See we added the coffee shop and the Rickety cricket Bistro small Events Center and then we’re adding 2,000 Square foot store for our memorabilia Our clothing and so on and then a Customer facing production facility Where you can actually walk the Chocolate beanie the gummies were being Made and our drinks being made because Of the a destination we tried to create Attractions that people like to see and We’ve done allow those inside here we Also have a reward for taxi drivers that Drop people off but the rest is all Through social media and we encourage Videos and cameras for the different Things that they think are fantastic and We think are fantastic they tell their Friends and to us it’s the best form of Advertising through referral even though We get about a hundred and fifteen Thousand people through the front door

Every month we only hit less than three Percent of the tourists coming to town So the upside for us is if you can Realize enormous so only been here 13 Months already in this location we’re a Very optimistic of how much we can have This girl we let you come to a lot of Bigs and exercise every by snow in Demand and then go home and live a Normal life You [Music]

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