Insta360 Flow announced: an AI tracking smartphone stabilizer with built-in selfie stick and tripod

Insta360 Flow announced: an AI tracking smartphone stabilizer with built-in selfie stick and tripod.
Popular camera company Insta360 today announced Insta360 Flow – an AI-tracking smartphone stabilizer with 3-axis gimbal stabilization for content creators.
It’s advertised as an all-in-one smartphone content creation tool that comes with a built-in selfie stick, tripod, and a cold shoe.
The Insta360 Flow has mechanical stabilization for shake-free shots and uses Insta360’s Deep Track 3.0, allowing it to follow subjects in real-time and automatically frame shots for creators.
Deep Track 3.0’s Person Re-Identification allows the Insta360 Flow to continue tracking the same person throughout the recording even if they are blocked from the view, while All-Angle Tracking lets it continue the tracking when the subject’s shape changes.
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Tracking Recovery, on the other hand, keeps tracking the subject by zooming out or following the direction it’s moving in when it’s out of frame.

Foreign Sta 360 flow announced an AI tracking Smartphone stabilizer with built-in Selfie stick and tripod popular camera Company insta 360 today announced insta 360 flow an AI tracking smartphone Stabilizer with three axis gimmel Stabilization for Content creators it's Advertised as an all-in-one smartphone Content creation tool that comes with a Built-in selfie stick tripod and a cold Shoe the insta 360 flow has mechanical Stabilization for shake-free shots and Uses insta 360s deep track 3.0 allowing It to follow subjects in real time and Automatically frame shots for creators Deep track 3.0 seconds person Re-identification allows the ins ta 360 Flow to continue tracking the same Person throughout the recording even if They are blocked from The View while all Angle tracking lets it continue the Tracking when the subject's shape Changes to stay up to date with latest Top stories make sure to subscribe to This YouTube channel by clicking the Button above this video tracking Recovery on the other hand keeps Tracking the subject by zooming out or Following the direction it's moving in When it's out of frame there's also a Live mode for tracking and video calls Or live streaming it supports apps such As FaceTime Instagram and Tick Tock the

Insta 360 flow also supports gesture Control allowing creators to use it as a Tripod and start hands-free tracking Eliminating the need to point the camera Or press a button speaking of the insta 360 flows built-in tripod can extend up To 80 millimeters 3.14 and length and Has an extended diameter of 187.6 millimeters 7.38 its selfie sticks Rod however extends up to 215 Millimeters 8.46 it also has a built-in Cold shoe so you can add a mix for Better audio in sta 360 says the flow Unfolds in just one motion with its One Step rapid deploy mechanism and you can Attach your smartphone to it via the Magnetic phone clamp that comes bundled With the package the all-in-one tool Also features a smart wheel with a Minimalist design allowing creators to Quickly access different functions of The flow a swipe on the Smart Wheel lets You toggle between four main modes Auto Follow pan follow nfpv the auto mode Unique to insta 360 flow automatically Adjusts the gimmel settings based on the User's movements for guaranteed Shake-free shots which the camera Company says is perfect for beginners Bfpv mode on the other hand is aimed at Adventurous creators and can be used to Spin your smartphone to simulate fpv Drone light movements such as a barrel Roll other shooting modes include

Panorama time shift motion time lapse And Dolly Zoom there's also a hoop mode For basketball fans it uses AI to track The basketball and hoop to recognize When a basket is made and saves the Highlights as as individual clips for Easy editing into a reel speaking of Editing High nsta 360 flow users can use The ai-powered shooting and editing Tools in the insta 360 app to edit their Videos they can also take Recommendations from shot Genie for Shooting techniques according to the Scene there are 80 plus templates Available for that besides creators can Use flashcut to edit video clips and add Music to them with seamless Transitions And effects the insta 360 flow packs a 2900 mAh battery advertised to have a 12-hour endurance at 25 room temperature When the gimmel is fully balanced and The flow is placed on a flat surface it Draws power through a USBC port at up to 10w and takes two hours for a full Charge you can also use it as a power Bank to charge other devices the flow is Compatible with phones that are 6.9 to 10 millimeters thick 64 to 84 Millimeters wide and weigh 130 to 300 Grams it has Bluetooth 5 5.0 Connectivity and works with both Android And iOS devices you can check the list Of compatible devices on Insta 360s Website the insta 360 flow comes in

Stone gray and Summit white colors and Will go on sale in the US Europe and Japan later today through insta 360's Official website and Amazon it's priced At 159.99 with the retail package including The magnetic phone clamp a protective Pouch and a type c to type a charging Cable Foreign

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