It’s Official – GPT-3 Is Replacing Programmers…

As someone who’s very involved with tech, this discovery is both terrifying and exciting for me. The tech that I will be showing in this video has the potential to be extremely useful but also incredibly horrifying.

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Foreign So what I’m about to show you here is Both terrifying and exciting now I say That as someone who’s very involved in Tech I keep up to date with machine Learning and all the trends that are Going on and the tech that I just used And I’m going to demo in this video I Really don’t know how to feel about on One hand I think it’s very cool I think It’s exciting it’s interesting and it Has a lot of potential on the other hand It’s pretty terrifying what this is Capable of doing and the fact that this Is currently only in a research preview It’s not even fully finished and it Really does have the capability to wipe Out Millions upon millions of jobs and Even make what I’m doing right now which Is kind of creating videos demoing Explaining stuff to you on the internet Pretty obsolete anyways let me dive in And just show you what this thing does So if you don’t know what I’m talking About of course this is gpt3 the say Language model provided by open AI it’s Currently under a research preview it’s Free to use right now if you want to Check it out I will leave a link in the Description I highly recommend you play Around with it as it says here there’s You know some examples of stuff we can Type in so if I just copy you know Explain Quantum Computing in simple

Terms of course it’s going to go through Here and kind of explain that to me now That’s pretty basic you know Google can Do that that’s fine however the power of This model is it is kind of contextual And it remembers stuff so what that Means is that I can have a full-on Conversation with this and it can use Context from prior in the conversation It also can like revise answers and Generate entire web pages ideas all Kinds of stuff so I have a bunch of Examples that I’ve kind of tested out Before that I’m just going to copy in uh Just to save us some time and I can show You quickly some of the capabilities of This so I’m going to paste in This here that says generate the HTML For the landing page of a website that Explains the importance of healthy diet And active lifestyle focus on the Importance of energy and eating the Correct Foods Okay so first of all it gives me kind of The code block here and it just starts Typing uh the the HTML right now in this Case it’s not giving me any styling but I’ll show you later that you can ask This to add styling add animations it’s Pretty Limited in terms of images but You can see that this is just doing what I would typically have to pay someone on Like five or you know a few bucks to Actually write out so I won’t read

Through this but you can see that it’s Kind of done what I said here it has Some tags the importance of healthy diet And active lifestyle eating the right Foods conclusion Etc okay the benefits Of an active lifestyle you guys can read Through that if you want now the cool Thing right is that okay I’m working on This website now I’m creating a health Website now I’m going to ask you to Generate other Pages for this Health Website so I’m going to say now create a Purchase page where users can buy a Subscription in My Weekly Newsletter That provides tips tricks and advice for Living a happy and healthy life and Notice my English is not even correct Here I’m making typos and mistakes and It can still understands So there you go it even generates a form Where I guess you can sign up for the Newsletter right so there you go now Continuing I can ask you to do something Like create a frequently asked questions Page that answers questions related to The price of subscription how the Subscription can be canceled and when it Begins now I’m intentionally being vague Here but you can also be extremely Detailed and it will give you you know Whatever level of detail that you ask For so there you go now that generates The FAQ and boom I would copy all this Put it in a website and there you go I

Just saved myself probably an hour of Typing all of this up obviously not Perfect but you get the idea and in Terms of subscription costs and whatnot It kind of just Auto generated that I Could have typed that if I want okay so That was one example another website I Have or another example I have is also a Website and it’s this create a good Looking website that uses CSS animations This website name is Tech with Tim and Should have various programming Languages moving around the screen Background should be code that is Scrolling down the screen like the Matrix make sure it is dark themed okay Let’s see what it does here and I will Actually take this and throw it on the Web so you can actually see what it Looks like all right so this is what it Generated uh notice it kind of has this Animation it messed up the animation but You get the point right learn Programming with Tim check out our Tutorials on the following languages and Then it’s supposed to be animating these Obviously it messed it up but you get The idea I didn’t really ask for Anything too detailed and boom it kind Of generated this website for us with a Cool font so just again another example Of what this thing is capable of doing Now continuing I think really what’s Going to be most useful for especially

Students is generating ideas generating Thesis rewriting paragraphs correcting Answers uh really the possibilities are Endless but I have a few more examples So for example write a thesis for an Essay on the character development of Piggy in The Lord of the Flies I don’t Know North America here this is a like Pretty popular book Lord of the Flies I’m sure you guys probably know this and We had to write all kinds of essays and Stuff so imagine you know in grade seven Or grade nine or whenever we read this That I could just go to gpt3 ask it to Write me a thesis and literally finish It I say in a matter of minutes as Opposed to hours by getting it to the Right paragraphs and giving it like a General broad outline of what I wanted So there you go it gave me a thesis now If I wanted more I could say Okay Add more detail and it’ll just go and Again it’ll probably repeat most of this But it will add more detail into the Thesis for me there you go we got Another paragraph and I don’t know how Long this is going to continue to go for Give me YouTube video title ideas for a Video that discusses how gpt3 is Replacing programmers okay and there you Go it gives me a bunch of video ideas Like I can’t tell you how helpful this Would have been to use for wealth just Like all kinds of YouTube video titles

Or I could punch in my title and say Make it more catchy or give me a better Description All right uh there you go now next in Terms of more specific stuff to coding I Can say write me the a-star pathfinding Algorithm with a visualization in JavaScript and then that’s the next one Which is right heapsort but it just goes And it just knows how to do like Literally all of this and I’ll show you Some more specific examples too because I know this is pretty General but you Can describe like a game or any kind of Program you want and similar to Something like uh what we call this Copilot it just it just makes it for you This is I don’t know it’s it’s pretty terrifying To be honest considering you guys would Pay me to explain this to you meanwhile You can just go here and it literally Just spits out the code so there you go You get a star pathfinding algorithm With a visualization uh another one here This is like a way more specific one uh Let me copy this here Uh this is write a Firebase query using Typescript that retrieves all of the Documents from the score collection Where the field game uid is equal to Soccer and the date added field is no Older than two days And let’s see if it can do this and yeah

This is again exactly what I would do And that I do do pretty much every Single day when I’m working with Firebase There you go another one here Let me copy this in Is write me a function in typescript That accepts an array of user objects Each user object has a sport and a Position field the function Should this function organize each user By its sport imposition and return Object of arrays that contain all of the Users sorted by their Sport and position So again not the best English but it’s Giving that to me defines the user type And writes out the typescript function And even comments every single line that It’s doing So I think you know I can leave it at That you guys can go and experiment with This on your own but it is really crazy What this can do Um and I’m really just getting started With I’m sure there’s way more stuff it Can do that I haven’t even demoed here Now one last thing I’ll mention is that Someone actually created a virtual Machine inside of this chat GPT program Uh you can read through this article I’ll link it in the description but Essentially you know I want you to act As Linux terminal and then whenever they Typed commands it just acted like a

Linux terminal and literally had a Virtual machine inside of it where they Would do kind of what I would demo on Like a virtual private server or Something along those lines so if you Want to check that out I’ll leave it in The description I don’t need to go Through that whole article that’s what I Wanted to show you Um I think this is pretty insane I don’t Know what you guys think I don’t know if You’ve messed around with this and what You’ve seen it be able to do I really Just learned about this a few hours ago And I was like I need to make a video And tell people because this is just Crazy so anyways let me know what you Guys think in the comments down below Let me know what you’ve got this thing To do uh it’s cool but at the same time I don’t know it’s pretty scary to me With that said I hope you guys enjoyed If you did leave a like subscribe the Channel and I will see you in the next One [Music]

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