June’s Second-Gen Oven Starts At $599

We sat down with June CEO Matt Van Horn to learn about the newest updates to the June Oven.

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The June oven is a seven in one Appliance that will make cooking Stress-free and easy We looked at the status quo of Everything in the market today and there Was no product that was right for us so We have the audacious idea that we Should build our own appliance from Scratch the June oven and bring that to Market you’re able to throw out your Toaster or give it to a friend you’re Able to reheat so a lot of the functions You do in a microwave you can do popcorn Beautifully in the June up and no Preheat you can bake it can roast you’ll Be able to cook rice very very soon Dehydrate I do air fried chicken once a Week now what’s really cool is we’ve Been able to take all the learnings from All of our customers on the first Generation product to figure out what’s Important what are the features that Really people really care about people Really care about cooking a whole Chicken perfectly people love their Salmon they love bacon on Sundays and so We have all this data we’re able to Learn from our customers and also get to Feedback from our customers when the Cook program is not going well our Culinary team can know that and work on How do we create a fix for that one of The most popular foods that’s cooked in The Jun oven is bacon specially on

Sundays Sunday’s a big bacon day and in The early early days of of June we had a One-size-fits-all bacon program and People were unhappy with it And so in the app you can actually get Feedback and say I’m happy with this or This was very undercooked or or very Overcooked and so with bacon we had a Problem It was literally mayhem around Complaints around bacon and so what’s Amazing is we were able to use all the Sensor data all the video logs from Customers who’d opted to share their Their data with us to look at all the Pieces of bacon that had been cooked in All the Jun ovens in the world and we’re Able to say what is wrong here and Something we didn’t realize but one of The most important variables with bacon Is number of slices so one slice of Bacon for seven slices of bacon is a Completely different Program and preference matters do you Like a chewy do you like it crispy Are you using tinfoil or not is it a Thin cut or a thick cut and so for us we Created 64 bacon programs so that June Up and today has 64 bacon programs from One and this came as a software update That went out to all the the Gen 1 June Oven customers and then obviously Gen 2 Customers will get it as well and we Don’t get complaints about bacon anymore

And it’s fascinating that we are Fortunate enough to have created this Platform and we can make better with Bacon We’ll actually use data from the camera To automatically count the number of Slices so we’ll automatically fill that Field and then remember your preference From last time so if you liked it chewy Last time and then all you have to do is Press one button to start so one tap no Preheat bacon it’s perfect just the way You like it we had our best guess for What we thought the the best foods would Be in the June but again we’ve been able To learn over the last year and a half From our customers with a camera in Every oven and for customers that opt to Share their data with us we can look at All of that and we were able to figure Out the cook programs that we didn’t Have cook programs for that people were Cooking already and then we were able to Write cook programs for that So the original oven that we came to Market with this 1495 so about fifteen Hundred dollars and on Tuesday We’re going to be announcing and Shipping so the ovens already in the Warehouse they’re there in the US and This product will be an introductory Price they’ll be two SKUs one will be $4.99 the other will be $6.99 and and Then after the promotional period we’ll

Each go up $100 to $5.99 and $7.99 You

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