Kiwi’s robots deliver food to hungry Berkeley students

This UC Berkeley startup is hoping to revolutionize food delivery.

I believe that sidewalks are sacred yes And that we need to create a knowledge II that interacts with people in the Best way as possible my name is Philippe And the co-founder and CEO of Kiwi Kiwi We build robots for last my literary Right now we are the company that Happily were more meals with robots in The world anyone doing scale and we are Based working and we have delivered more Than ten thousand orders so far in the Last month we started with one robot Going from the cost from the restaurant To the customer house and we found out Pretty easy and pretty fast that that Was pretty inefficient like restaurants Tend to be clustered and as soon as you Send a robot from the restaurant to the Customer house like the second or the Third order arrive late and we created a Multi-modal system so we actually have Three robots we have a robot inside the Restaurant we also have a semi Autonomous tricycle that goes in the Streets right now we have humans and Driving them and we have the QE BOTS so Our operations were like this we have Robots deployed in the city like you Depending on the demand on the zones and Then we with the trikes we pick up Orders pick up thousands of meals from Restaurants and then we load the robots And the robots make the last 300 meters So we actually divided the logistics and

Right now it it works the technology is Based mainly in cameras so what were Main sensor are cameras yeah so we don’t Use lighters or we didn’t use like High-end sensors and that have allowed Us to like go beyond yeah like do to Move in a safer path in our opinion so Right now our solution it’s like humans Plus robots so with that we can actually Offer like a more affordable delivery Cost for like for this society and make Sure that like like these delivery Companies and that society can order Food any really like in a sustainable Way so the robots for example if we are Going to start to have more orders in And a specific zone the robots can move To that zone and depending on the demand Like we try to optimize every time The trike route yes so like the robots Will try always to like to make sure the Trike route it’s it’s as fast as Possible one of the concerns right now That like we have in the spaces but it’s That point where automation doesn’t make Sense why now having humans plus robots Make sense As soon as we start to like we are Pretty sure that we can automate things And we will do it but by now we are Using both [Music]

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