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Hello What's up I usually dance during this Part we do usually dance during this Part also I just realized that my Microphone now Cuts right into my ribs Oh good that's great this is gonna be Fantastic also I have three mics right Now just in case people don't hear never Has one nerd had so much amplification So normally what we do is we we screw Around for like 20 minutes and then we Finish So we're actually going to do that today Uh Natasha do you want to give us just The really quick run through and then We'll dive in yeah well thank you all For being here so early apparently San Francisco is the city that sleeps in so I appreciate you all being here and We're going to talk about our three Themes of the year so far but we're Going to start with I think the biggest Present we could have gotten which is Our deal of the week I'm not going to Spoil it don't spoil it um but it was it Was an equity president long time Listeners will get why we are so excited It's not Kanye and parlor it's not Kanye And parlor so don't don't worry and I Don't think we're gonna say the words Elon Musk except for right then yeah You're safe it's over Um but yes we're gonna do that hop into Our three themes and then jump off I

Mean we have 29 minutes and six seconds Left okay let's do it I hope everyone Has a coffee or a pastry they're Supposed to be around here somewhere I Don't know I can't see them Um Shelby let's go okay Marianne you are The most organized so you count me in Okay three two one hello and welcome Back to equity Tech Ventures Venture Capital Focus podcast where we unpack The numbers and the new ones behind the Headlines my name is Alex and I I'm on Stage at disrupt hilarious uh it's been We've been talking about this event Since like March and it's insane to be Here uh but of course not alone I'm here With the full crew I have Natasha Moscowas Natasha say hello hello this is So weird everyone always says like when They're at concerts to like be present And take it in but I am very present and I've taken it very that's for people who Are in the audience you're supposed to Be like organized and on point I think Absolutely is what your job is uh we Also have Marianne as a veto Marianne hi So good to see you in person it's Awesome to see you in person and it's I Can't even believe I'm here yeah well You know what we're going to have 28 More minutes of this so we better make It funny Um so as always Equity is trouble at BC Blah blah blah blah we won an award blah

Blah blah blah downloads skip the rest That intro Natasha tell me about our Deal of the week and why we are full of Joy on this uh Tuesday morning yeah so I Mean I feel like the crazy thing that Happened yesterday was that we learned That fast co-founder Dom Holland is Returning to startups again again um and We're going to get into kind of why That's crazy but I the the Tweet was Basically you know he's been having fun Heads down building the last over the Last few months with a small team They're gonna be releasing an alpha Version and Alex it's B2B SAS so you're Welcome how dare he come into my domain You have to cover him now and me and Marian are just gonna when it was one Click online checkout I didn't have to Care because one everyone was doing it Everyone already raised a bajillion Dollars and you knew most of them were Gonna either merge or implode I didn't Think fast was going to end up imploding The way that it did famously so on the Show and so forth but uh bdb SAS Marianne on a scale of one to ten how Hype are you honestly it doesn't matter What it is that he's doing I'm just kind Of surprised he's doing it so quickly After fast imploded Um I didn't expect it to be that fast Can we look back no pun intended I know I'll have to save that but um can we

Walk through because you guys wrote the Story about fast shutting down correct Uh probably can we walk through what Happened then it was they burned a ton Of cash they hired too many people was That it or well there's the third part Which they didn't make any money they Didn't make much money we have six Figures and like they were valued at Multiples higher than their revenue Right no offense did that multiple but If we're going to Value equity on that Kind of like Revenue multiple I'm pretty Sure this show could retire so that Wasn't good and they were they were so Noisy was the thing you you felt like They were projecting this demeanor of Excellence and it turned out they were Building something that people weren't Using Um and also this is not the first time He's uh had one of these Yeah you caught that that's crazy yeah So I don't know if people know this but In Australia apparently he started Another company I don't even remember The name but it was like an okay yeah Uber for towing Um it also failed Big shock Um and apparently he pissed off a lot of People in Australia and it was thought That he came here to the US to kind of Reinvent himself and then he came here

And pissed off a lot of people in the U.S as well and so I guess he's not done Pissing off people yet well maybe maybe This is the time it all turns no Probably not well so there was the story That we have in the script which is the Stanford Stanford professor said failure Is not a curse but what's important is How failure happened and I kind of liked That obviously it's the Nuance behind The numbers that I'm here for but it's Like there was there's been so many Layoffs and changes over the past year That it's not like just because fast Shut down it was a failure it was kind Of the way in which it failed right Right I think that's important to Remember it's not just us being cynical Yeah and the arrogance that kind of came Along with the Prior the stuff happening prior to the Failure I think that arrogance is what Just the arrogance and then the the huge Drop you know it's like Alex are you Going to cover the BW SAS company when It raises probably I hate myself already Also I learned there's a new issue that We have with doing equity on stage um I Haven't worn makeup in like four years And I usually like it turns out I touch My face a lot oh yeah so now I've just Gotta makeup you're like my left hand so If you see me don't let me hug you Because you'll get a weird shaped

Handprint um I forgot my glasses so I Can't see the scrub and this mic is too High for me Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the First day of disrupt Wait do it I can't see okay it's not your laptop It's Marianne's eyes that need help all Right well we're gonna just make it work Anyways all right enough about Dom Enough about fast and whatever comes Next I think we'll all be watching I'm Here for a rebirth I'm not here for Folks getting the third try when some Folks don't get a first but let's move On yeah I'll take that that person is Listening uh all right now we have we Have three key things because we're Doing a bit of a look back and there's Been a simply insane amount of change This year we came into 2022 on a high Venture Capital will still pretty much Go and nuts the stock market was in Trouble but not too bad and then as the Year has gone along things have gone Straight to hell kind of around the World more or less okay uh so we picked Some themes and Natasha you are first About what is life like today out there For a Founder I mean I think the the Reason the fast deal was a present for Me as it perfectly proves my theme which Is that reputation these days is a super Complicated thing and we don't know when

It matters and when it's completely Irrelevant or when it's going to be like Repackaged into like a competitive Advantage and this is why they're Actually disruptive Founders and you Should definitely back them again Um and so this year I feel like we've Seen a lot of like you know Tech Twitter Blew up when Adam Newman got his return From Andreessen and 350 million the Biggest check ever yes Um but then you know a month before that We saw like in 2021 we saw this huge Departure from dyspo and the investors Being like we're going to donate our Profits to Um non-profits or places that support With assault and so it was kind of this Like dissonance that I was like okay Okay like we know what's happening on The other hand on the other end I'm Hearing a lot of VCS be like due Diligence matters to me more than Anything Discipline matters to me more Than anything and so I'm just at a place Now where I'm like reputation matters But only sometimes and when we feel like It and and maybe today because it's Tuesday Please sorry just before I forget to That point on Twitter when um there was Chatter about Dom's new plans someone Someone said it'll be very interesting To see which VCS back this new company

Is out publicly oh no I was going to Make a completely awesome Well because Natasha was like you know VCS are saying due diligence is back and I'm like yes every time I'm super Hungover I would say I'm never drinking Again there we go that's what I'm saying Last year due diligence was like this Naughty word like oh my gosh you want to See the finances yeah you only have 12 Hours to make this investment boy you Better get that wire transfer going Very I feel for Founders right now Because I always like start most of my Interviews off being like I would never Do what you do but now especially it Feels difficult Um my optimistic curve to my theme is That 90 of my stories about layoffs this Year were a tip from employee who was Impacted and so it's been kind of cool To see you know reputation be damned Um employees speaking up and developing Into stories that do and you know hold a Company accountable that impacts their Recruiting efforts it impacts their Public Image and I love that I love that Like a single employee can like do that In this market and that was completely Hidden in a world where like everyone Was buying into the you know the mission Is my life and startup is family of 2021 Like 2022 feels a lot more realistic Well thank god like uh Mark Goldberg

That I interviewed recently of index Ventures that the killer quote from him Was last year was the party this year is The Hangover and I mean it was the Perfect analogy for what we've Experienced in the startup world and Venture capital and and I think we're We're really just starting to see How hungover we are you know it's just It was too much I'm actually incredibly Caffeinated right now yeah me too I'm Like freaking out kind of I'm actually Levitating off my chair slightly you Can't see it uh but I want to go back to The layoffs Point Natasha because Reputation and layoffs is a thing I Think we've seen is more closely aligned Than people knew go back in time to Early covet it's like May June of 2020 Airbnb I'm getting the month wrong but Roll with me like Airbnb cuts a bunch of Their staff and Airbnb did it in such a Way that someone told me was designed to Welcome those people back later when They had more money AKA revenue and you Know what it worked out Airbnb rebounded They had the talent to do so and then The Republic and then now everyone hates Them but like the point is it worked out In the short term and I think that's an Indication of reputation mattering quite A lot and if you're gonna do more Layoffs then it probably matters more Now you know what's crazy to me though

Is like Fast sold or that's kind of Weird way to put it but like Fast had an Agreement when it had layoffs and shut Down that its Engineers would go to a Firm that's right and so I'm like I Wonder that was good will because he Knew he was going to have them again or Wanted them again one day I agree with Your point though it like very much Speaks for itself the way that I mean we Don't get tips about Companies that do it nicely right like I Think we usually get tips of like people Who are you know given a 50-minute zoom Call and then looked in their slack was They had no longer had access what was That company I think I heard about a company that was Doing this yeah That was as just ongoing it that that Saga has not ended is there anyone left At because I feel like at This point their CEO just the CEO There's actually I think a maybe a Couple of thousand or so but they're From what I understand they're trying to Whittle it down as much as possible Because it's burning too much cash yeah Well it's a tough time in the real Estate market in general in fact Remember when everyone was trying to Solve the eye buying problem because Houses only go up yeah yeah I feel like I grew up in that economy we'll save the because I think we're going To get to it when we get to your theme Yeah Alex your theme is kind of like a Continuation of all of ours we all agree With each other along this podcast as You guys probably know we actually need To bring someone else on who's just Completely like you guys are all full of Crap and I don't I think that was Danny Creighton There's some there's some Equity friends And family in the audience today Um who have been with us for a long time Uh so my theme is startups will be Learning how to be Scrappy we had Sarah Goa on the show now of not Coalition Conviction conviction Capital the other C capital okay Um formerly of Greylock for 10 years Well known in the space and she was Talking about how companies have to kind Of rejigger how they go about doing Things capital is more expensive Efficiency is prized and you know I Think that means a lot more earned media Versus buying Billboards and tons of ads I think that startups are going to have To do a little bit more of inventing Their own magic as opposed to leveraging And just leaning on outsized checks from Outside they're firm and I think it's Going to be good for everybody it's Going to lead to better companies it's Weird because I feel like at times I'm

Like okay that means they're gonna like You know just like start like tweeting And like sharing their story publicly But it often also amounts to like Rex Buying another yacht I know they're a Sponsor we so I'm but I'm saying it like Breakfast Is a yacht they buy they always rent a Yacht for these events I'm sure there's A disrupt yeah yeah I'm sure is that True I mean I wasn't invited so I don't Know but and this is probably why I Wasn't invited but I feel like so that The scrappiness I feel like is so Subjective at times that I wish there Was like a clear path to knowing the Best way but we talked about this on Equity Wednesday a few months ago like Everyone builds in public differently And that's always the first definition Of Scrappy when I think of it yeah I Mean personally I've always been Impressed with the lean and mean Mentality Um when companies when I interview Companies and they tell me they're gonna Double or triple their head count There's good and bad there right like Are you sure you need to do that and you Know so so some I'm more impressed with The company that's like yeah we've got 10 people and you know we're growing Like 10x that's a lot more impressive to Me than you know

Hundreds and hundreds and you've got not Much to show for it it also changes what Recruiting means because if you were Going to Triple your engineering team The next eight months you're going to Have to be kind of like we're going to Take some some risks here yeah but if You're going to hire one person from 10 To 11 that's 10 percent of your company You're probably gonna spend a lot of Time on that one hire you can open your Water okay be really aggressive about it Okay thank you also they put stickers on These for us I feel so fancy oh I think Because they okay we're not allowed to Show brand names yeah that's why exactly Except for like you know key ones but That's that's separate well Alex I was Gonna ask you something yes please is There a startup that you think really Like embodies the startups who know how To be Scrappy right now well I mean Ironically the scrappy startups are the Ones we don't cover that much yeah Because they don't have key kind of Newsy Milestones I mean we covered fast A bunch because they quickly raised a Bunch of money and so they were Constantly pinging us and be like hi hi Hi and uh I think it was actually kind Of an indictment of us that we were a Bit too focused on the metrics they were Sharing which was like gmv growth week Over month or whatever the hell it was

Yeah and we kind of missed the key story There which was the actual business Wasn't growing so the scrappiest Companies are often like um like zapier Like we all use zapier we all know it Exists but do we cover them that much Yeah no we don't we probably should yeah Yeah welcome to this this is now Equity Therapy I I think like with like the Bootstrap conversation yeah that like is A you know wishlist item for November Maybe is like just focusing more on Bootstrap startups because they've kind Of been waiting in the wings this whole Time we don't hear from them all that Often I have interviewed and written About a number of bootstrapped companies Um but I don't necessarily hear from Them as much but I mean and also to that Point We can't just write about a company That's bootstrapped unless there's There's something exciting also taking On venture capital for the first time Exactly area companies still in business Not really a headline right yeah but if They're if they're willing to share some Numbers and play they're impressed Should we just take the mics and talk About what we want people to tell us yes Here's the top 10 things to tell us that We pay attention to whatever the hell it Is you are currently doing I want to Flip this around though because we're

Being kind of software Centric it feels Um yesterday I was sitting in on uh Tim Deshawn's speaker training session he's Doing a thing about patient capital and Kind of longer term Horizons nice I'm Thinking about climate and more Intractable engineering and science Risks that we need to work on yeah and Often richer Capital has kind of a Component's play those things take a Long time to build and are often very Expensive so when we say bootstrap what We really mean is they made a software Product that monetized from day three And that's one kind of company to build But it's not the only one so if we're Going to tackle climate change and other Things that are of great importance There will need to be a lot of capital But it'll just look different in terms Of expectations and so forth so I don't Want to like overly pigeonhole Founders And say you have to do one thing yeah Being like lean and mean is is a good Thing and and raising money is a good Thing but it's how you spend your money How you how you treat your employees That really is Is very important reputation humility All these things are are just underrated I think in the Venture world and part of This to me was seen last year when we Saw Venture money flowing like crazy I Mean insane valuations back-to-back

Fundraises and Um I think investors had all this fomo And and funders are just wrapped up in It and I think it was really bad for Every everyone involved and and you know Companies now probably are suffering Because of this mentality that everybody Had was like this frenzy this funding Frenzy that was going on it's just not Sustainable because it's like Andreessen Still wrote its biggest truck to date Maybe I mean the 350 million we don't Know how much of it is Right that's the hard part is like a lot Of people are telling Founders right now It is the hardest time to raise this is Really hard it sucks okay that's not True but if you're not if you're a white Male founder it's very different it's It's harder for the people that it's you Know always been harder for is what I'm Trying to say which is a frustrating Nuance it's often missed well it's funny Because when I was learning about VC Back when I was younger uh I was I was Told that you know constrictions lead to A lot of creativity essentially if you Don't have all the things in the world You'll have to prioritize more Ruthlessly make better choices cut Things that aren't working focus on what Does blah blah blah we've all heard this And then we've been to kind of the over Funded over that kind of the foie gras

Startup model last year when they were Just force fed just buckets of money do You guys know I accidentally ate foie Gras ones because I thought it was like Gra matte grass as a vegetarian did you Think you missed the white dress and I Loved it I loved it and then that was it Sorry I had to take that and admit it on Stage how long have you been veggies Since I was 13. I had a bad McChicken and it was like is That what did it that was what did it Everyone's like that's so like Brave of You and I was like it's not I was Attacked by McDonald's and I stopped Eating that's a that's like once I was Like crashing a go-kart never driving a Ferrari yeah exactly I was like that's Fine I'm a teriyaki chicken sometimes Analogy about Venture Capital Fundraising but I feel like no please do All right well uh so my dad told me a Story about a small poetry magazine Little teeny thing barely scraping by I Mean poetry plus magazine not the best Business model in the world and there Was this rich person who loved it they Died and they left a bunch of money into The small poetry magazine and then it Immediately failed because it had no Structure in place to handle an influx Of capital didn't know how to hire Didn't know how to scale and I feel like Last year many startups that could have

Been small businesses figuring things Out getting to you know fourth Market Fit and so forth which we're talking About here on the TC plus stage in a Little bit Um they would have a much better chance Of of hiring more intelligently having To do fewer Cuts this year and just had Stronger more kind of wholesome Winsome Businesses yeah um so I think it's going To be good although it'll be boring for Us because people won't be like oh my God I read it again every 20 minutes Your theme is uh very very good advice It's a subtweet at let's just Be clear well Well actually very much related to Everything we've been talking about Um as we mentioned we've been covering Layoffs all year round they happen right I mean we're not saying that if a Company has to conduct a layoff that They screwed up or they necessarily did Something wrong it just could be an Honest misstep in in running their Business however we have seen also many Examples of companies just over hiring With CEOs admitting it that they over Hired Um let's see how many did we have Robin Who did that Robin who did that Oh thanks you're literally talking Without a script right now yeah it's all

Right um but yeah so a number a number Of companies were CEOs are admitting Okay we screwed up we over hired we went Crazy and then they're like laying off Like crazy Um so to me this this really sucks Because the people that are impacted the Most by this are these employees right And and they're getting hired in these Boom times and they're all excited we Worked on a story Christine Hall and I Where we talked to former Employees and it was It was just so messed up to hear like They were genuinely like shattered you Know they were like their personal lives Yeah and just you know they were treated Like they were screwed over even After they got laid off they couldn't Collect unemployment you know they got Less Severance than their their Colleagues that were let go earlier in The year I mean all sorts of things so It's like like we to the point earlier If you're going to lay off you know do It in a in a good way do it in a Sensitive way there are ways to do it be Transparent I want to get back to this Very important point but now that Marianne has broken the profanity Barrier I'm allowed to see serious she Said well I'm not supposed to Now I'm now we're off the chain I said Crap earlier because I was like I don't

Know the rules oh sorry who's in charge Thank you I think you're hosting sorry No no one told me if I was allowed to uh To swear or not but thank you Marianne For breaking that barrier uh back to Your very important about manners though Yeah I mean just you know like treat Treat your employees well so like Airbnb Like he was talking about I mean if you Do a layoff right it doesn't have to be Like negative headlines are negative for Your company and it doesn't mean people Are never going to want to work for you Again right I mean if you if you handle It well you're transparent you're Sensitive you you do it okay it's fine But so many companies have not and and That's That's just not you know that's not good There's there's like one startup Continuum built by carda's former head Of something people maybe Um and it's kind of gives you an Executive for a few months and helps you Walk you through layoffs and I'm kind of Surprised there's not more of these Services like I mean I'm surprised that We don't even have something on the site That's like here's how to conduct a Layoff well we did that one taught you how not to downsize To write the story I mean yeah but I Also all I'm saying is I feel like it's A free startup idea in a way right like

Have you been laid off before I have not Okay have you been have you been laid Off I think I was like once but it was fine I wanted to be so oh you wanted to be Fired That's like such a mood when you're like At a point with the company or like Severance I was actually happy about it So that was different when I laid off I Didn't get Severance I was working for a Startup in Chicago and we gathered in The Founder's living room and he was Like well we're out of money so that's That and we were all like ah it was Easy Before I forget also since I don't have My script here um something else though Like before you get to the layoff Point Like back to the hiring process to begin With be more strategic about it like be More thoughtful about it really think Okay do we need to fill so many roles do We need to hire 50 million sales people Do we need this many of this like don't Just go crazy and think oh we got all These millions of dollars so let's spend It no you don't have to spend it you can Save some of it you can yeah you know Because Runway downturns happen right And you might not be able to raise the Gun so soon so like I just it goes back To your let's you know be Scrappy don't Be like spending money like crazy you

Know you're even if you have the Millions doesn't mean you have to spend Them hundreds of millions Don't hit me with a pre-seed round come On yeah yeah uh so we only have a couple Minutes left I wanted to Um be self-indulgent uh more so than Usual actually and say that this is not The first time we've had this little Podcast at disrupt we've done this a Number of times but usually we would be Like tucked in the back on the first Floor with little handheld mics and we Couldn't hear each other and the audio Quality is bad enough to shout and we've Been slowly upgraded throughout the Years and uh now we're here and it feels It feels like Vindication we didn't give Up right after hitting 10 million yeah I Know download so that was super exciting Oh that reminds me um I forgot this in My little interest build uh we have pens And a p-i-n-s apparently I can't say the Word pens yeah I was gonna say we don't Have One more time we have small icons that You can pin onto your jackets if you Would like to for the equity show and Then Chain Reaction tomorrow and then Found on Thursday there's 200 each day And then when they're gone they're Literally gone because I don't know Where they came from they disappeared Randomly so if you want one they will be

Somewhere and if you see us we will Probably have some in our pocket yeah Okay good I'm taking handfuls you're Taking a hit I'm gonna jump off of the Stage and take handfuls it's not a rock Concert it's a nerd podcast uh and then What I want to do just before we go is Hear about what you guys are doing this Week what's coming up oh man I'll start I am interviewing Chief's co-founders Later today they are building a Membership company for women in Positions of leadership so we're gonna Talk about how their competitors have Failed and how they are still winning And are still alive wait what was the Company's name chief chief yeah okay so It's kind of like what was that uh Women's only ring the way the win yeah Which just died I just died this year Yeah and if you stay around for that one It's going to be on the disrupt stage I Am really proud of the title I chose for It and I'm not gonna ruin it so you'll You'll see if you you know if you know Is it in the agenda yeah so don't look So everyone else so everyone knows Anyways okay anyways the Compartmentalize that um I'm talking to Kevin Hart tomorrow I'm wearing heels on purpose how is the Uh how is it dealing with the Celebrities team it was it was exactly What you think and um I've talked to his

Trainer his trainer is awesome his Physical trainer he's a fitness trainer I'm pretty sure why did you talk to me It's not just a fitness trainer it's a Business Um and then the last my last talk is With Clubhouse uh so we're gonna talk About what happens after all the hype Fades and how you rebuild so that's Gonna be on this stage and I think I'm Closing out the show on the last days I Think you're the last thing on this Stage on Thursday yeah yeah and then We're all gonna pile over to hear how The battlefield uh finals go I think After that so we're gonna wrap up here I Think an hour before the disrupt stage And then we'll all just Shuffle as a Group around the corner and then go Stand and stare right at Matt Burns's Face where's Burns somewhere yeah okay Marion what are you working on Um tomorrow I am interviewing or there's Going to be a panel that I'll be Moderating with ramps CEO Air Base CEO And anthemous investor Um that'll be interesting they're going To talk about how to compete while not Losing your mind and your Runway So that should be fun so they should Just listen to the show and then they'll Be fine yeah super tactical where is This the experts from yeah Um then I have a fireside chat tomorrow

With um brex co-founder henrique du We're gonna know what I pronounced that Last name before he goes on stage yeah Yeah I'm not going to butcher it yeah Breakfast co-founder CEO Um tomorrow afternoon as well as one of His early investors I knew with YC yeah She'll be there too and then Thursday I'll be talking to Parker Conrad from Rippling about Some new product announcements and also Another kind of one of those Second Chance stories oh yeah that's right true True zenefits is still echoing in the Background of the startup world is it Just you and Parker On stage oh that's going to be so fun Which stage is it on Maine or sorry Disrupt two stages it's habit I know We've been having that conversation all Week long and then uh tomorrow Chain Reaction that'll be Jackie melanick uh Anita ramaswamy and Lucas matinee and Then on Thursday morning found which is Jordan Crook and then uh Daryl from Canada yeah Daryl who's on three Podcasts and somehow gets away with it Um what are you doing during this Conference At all so what we've done is we've Turned me into something like a like a Show Pony yeah you just dropped me out In between things and I'm just gonna say Things like break

And then I'm gonna go backstage guys Laugh at his jokes because we won't be Here the whole time July you a lot of His jokes for me thank you I don't Actually have that many jokes planned Because I was in a complete Panic before I came on stage and I was like just Remember the three things you have to Say and then sit down don't faint and I Pulled that off I did not fall over so I'm very proud of myself Good job awesome and then the last thing I want to say before we go is this is a Surprise week for the technology Market Because last time I checked the stock Market's going up oh the first time in a While and that means that instead of This being a doom and gloom sad times Fast we can celebrate the fact that for Once the market is doing as good news so Good Vibes everybody I hope you found a Whole bunch of coffee and uh we are now Going to shut up and go away and get Ready for the first actual session this Has to leave so we're going to do that And then uh we'll be right back yeah Thank you guys for coming enjoy the show Thank you

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