Lumos helmet now syncs with Apple Watch

Lumos is a ”smart” helmet that displays turn signals. The company recently unveiled an Apple Watch integration for more seamless signaling.

Hello I’m here with the Lumos Next-generation helmet it’s this smart Helmet that blinks as you’re writing so It likes signals for you let’s take a Look-see and see what it’s like to set Up according to the QuickStart guide I’m Supposed to give the helmet a quick Press to turn it on Boom it’s on now I need to test and Mount the remote to the handlebar now to Be clear the Lumos helmet and its little Doohickey right here have been on the Market for a little while but what’s new About this release is Apple watch Compatibility instead of having to hit Left or right I could use biker signals And then of course I’d have to do it on The hand that my watch is on then it’ll Show up on my helmet the next step is to Sync up my Apple watch with the helmet Itself so this was me doing its me Training the watch like what it feels Like for me to say left and now I need To do the turning right pose up put them On hit next All right now it’s calibrating okay now The watch remembers all right so I’m Gonna pop this dorky little thing on Real quick make sure I’m ready to go It works at times it’s a little buggy With the Apple watch gesturing so the The CEO was telling us via email that It’s very sensitive that is the Calibration is pretty sensitive so I

Have to make sure I’m doing it in like The exact same motion that I did during The calibration but I’d say it works Like eighty percent of the time but if It doesn’t then you have you know the Little backup And just hit left or right so technology [Music]

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