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Mapify is a social travel platform aimed at providing a single outlet for planning transportation, entertainment and housing.

All right thanks ensign e+ were to be Here today All right so few weeks ago my friend Toby called me and said dude let’s do a Trip to Hawaii and I said alright what Do we need spots to visit transferred And obviously accommodation so I went to Instagram to find prints pots Two hours later I find myself searching For locations of random Hawaii Beach Selfies great started googling and ended Up on 21 different travel blocks each Covering top 10 Hawai spots Awesome open kayak searched for flights And ended up entering our dates in 12 Different browser tabs amazing Experience accommodation spent two hours Comparing Instagram spots with nearby Urban beasts on Google Maps Super simple 8 hours later I’m sitting There with a shared Google spreadsheet And still got no plan let’s face it Millions of sources and services have Made a smooth travel planning process Impossible too often we’re stuck with Content totally irrelevant to us and too Many options Leave us totally paralyzed today we want To show you something different Something that integrates everything You’ve just seen into one single Platform but there is one more question Left how would a platform like this not Only unify all of these services but

Actually curate the most relevant places And personal experiences for you to Start planning your next travel Adventure well by giving it back to you By enabling every single traveler to be A global host for the places they visit And activities they experience welcome To math affine map F is your personal Travel guide that lets you create your Whole travel journey in just a few Seconds we have built a platform Abling travelers anywhere to access Create and share visualizations of Entire travel journeys mattify Integrates sources and information to Collect everything in one place let’s See how it works Could we move to the demo please to Customize mattify for you it’ll ask you For at least four things you love about Travel so let’s say I love diving Surfing nature but I’m also an Architecture fan once you submit you’re Introduced to mattifies personalized Feed and as you can see it automatically Recommends spots for everything we’ve Just selected all of these spots are Actual travel experiences travelers Around the globe have shared with the Travel community so we wanted to go to Our why right type in our wire I Instantly see the most relevant spots And trips if you tap on the guy Be there no search for info no googling

No mess so let’s make a specific plan And I’ve already entered my dates here And invited tobe based on our combined Interests mapa fine now looks for spots That could be relevant for both of us So let’s choose three of them and add Them to the plan now you’re gonna see Some real magic once you tap the magic One-button map fi pulls in hundreds of Data points and generates a possible way Of how your trip could look now this Timetable not only includes my spots it Also automatically connects and orders Them by the best means of transport and Matches a recommended Airbnb for every Location where I would have to stay Overnight and this even knows if I need A travel adapter because it knows where I’m traveling from an extremely powerful Planner so let’s move back to the Presentation please everything you’ve Just seen is based on an AI content Engine we’ve built matching hundreds of Thousands of tags with photos texts and Attachments to translate spots into Relevant experiences our proprietary Algorithm sorts entire trips by Geographic relevance quality and Personal importance to continuously Create better experiences around the Globe inspiration platforms like Instagram provide discoverability But it breakdown or curse when you want Once you want to start planning or

Booking your journey travel services Like Google slides or trivago it can Help you find transportation or Accommodation but don’t offer Discoverability or a complete travel Plan the Millennial leisure travel Market is one of the largest travel Market segments ever we’re focusing on Monetizing the European sub segment First worth around one hundred and fifty Billion dollars and it already works map Of ice travelers have already covered More than 100 75 countries by sharing more than 80,000 High-quality photos and we’ve already Matched those with travellers interests Based on more than half a million tags Within our AI technology and companies Want to be part of it too We’re already generating revenue through Brand and affiliate partnerships with Some of the world’s leading travel Brands our team has been working on tech Projects ever since we started our first Company in school and we’ve been Affiliated with Stanford Apple and sa P Amongst our early stage investors and Advisors are executives from the world’s Leading tech companies Airbnb Spotify Twitter and the MIT Innovation Fund so Toby and I will be going Sign up today and find out thank you Very much okay judges so you were the Images that you’re using to populate the

App are those coming from Instagram Sorry the images that you’re using in The app are they coming from Instagram That were you’re populating them from no Actually so in the beginning we were Thinking about building an Instagram Integration but they just changed her API so we decided to really have that Users upload themselves and surprisingly This was never an issue so for us it was Never an issue to find creators they Were actually uploading tons of content On the platform just to visualize all of Their past experiences and then they Tagged those images with relevant Location-based tags yeah so we use Services like Google cloud API to get Tags for these images then we funnel These tags into our our own content Engine that kind of evaluates and Qualifies these tags by relevancy Towards a specific location or a Specific user that’s how we kind of Combine it to one relevancy rating for a Specific person But also for a specific location you Might be searching for more about Personalization I mean firstly very brave good Presentation really brave to take on What is being a graveyard for so many Companies for you trying to tackle this Space but when we look at Personalization it’s a word that I mean

What’s fascinating about personalization In travel is nobody does it well right So but there are reasons why and I mean I’m particularly looking at what you Sort of haven’t mentioned is really the Sort of collaborative filtering aspect It’s sort of people like me like this And I could bore you with how I’ve gone On TripAdvisor recommendations and made Massive mistakes because other people Aren’t as spoilt as me yeah so what I Find surprising about this question About personalization Is that it could be so simple if you Just look at how we did it in the very Beginning so we have refined this Algorithm over the last four months But even after the first one and a half Months user were already messaging us And saying well it’s so simple to find The right spot and we were just matching Their interests towards let’s say cloud Image tags that we recognized from those Images right so it was so simple to Create their personalization that for Instance TripAdvisor doesn’t have eNOS In an era where pay tranqued is kind of Broken I believe that the future of the Travel Market will lie in the Personalized way of really looking at a Single traveller and not ant not on what Let’s say a hundred thousand people like To a hotel nobody asks that question Anymore they want to know which hotel or

Which Airbnb or which the spot is the Right one for me or for me and my friend Not for you know a hundred thousand People how are you going to get that Micro-targeting right when no one’s Managed before I think the difference Here is that once we you know we are Asking for people to give us when they Sign up from epified we asked them to Give us at least four attacks very Generic yeah that’s the original data Set we have they on average give us nine Texts they give us even more than we’re Asking them for then once they enter the System every single action can we use to Kind of narrow down what they actually Want to see so they sign up form amplify Give themselves for tax they bucket list Two spots out of let’s say another Attack create a collection for Sri Lanka A plan for Hawaii then we can see okay This person wants to go to Hawaii and we Can match that with the two like tags we Just found plus the register tags and Narrow it down right so we can really Out of a fairly small data set still Create an extremely personalized Experience we send our users push Notifications like hey your plan is Gonna start in one one week already Packed your visa and they are freaking Out about it they were posting a tree Posting these notifications on Instagram Telling hey that’s a that’s an

Experience I just never saw Building up on what brand just said There’s there’s been a quite a few Companies no not recently but going back A few years attempting to solve this Content curation recommendation problem And what we’ve seen happen is they start With a lot of very high quality Authentic content but as they scale up It’s hard to prevent issues of Inauthentic content created by either Fake users or businesses trying to Promote promote themselves forcefully Through the platform we know do you guys Have any plans on how to prevent that Issue once you guys start scaling up and There’s gonna be high value and being Highly rated on your platform yeah so as We now have companies that have official Brand accounts on epified Just that that’s one part of our Business model we also see companies Signing up that just want to promote Their business right so that is it’s Already happening and we are you know Tackling the issue right now what we do Is once we have a user sign up by Analyzing what they share and the way They share it we can we can pretty fast Tell is this a let’s say global host That really wants to engage into letting Others know so for instance how long is The description does it have attachments Do the meta tags of the attached home

Page match what we found in this but Actually to be then we can make clear Okay we have three spots on that account Their actual travel experiences they’re Connected right so there is a scaleable Option what we do right now to ensure That in this early stage this platform Really does have the high quality we Want to deliver to our users is that it Goes through our content team and we Review these posts but we are already Developing some you know scale up more Scalable options because we see whenever Mattify is featured on the App Store for Instance we get so much content in it’s Not work you know we Work through that anymore so you know We’re working on these options and they Will be implemented along the way unit Economics because it’s travel is very Hard to require customers where it’s Expensive and the challenge is that There is no repeat because you do these Trips maybe once or twice a year so you Really need to retain your user so how Does that look like on the unit economic Basis yeah so essentially what we’re Looking at right now we have been life With this platform for about five months So what we did in the first four months Was really focusing on the creator side Of mattifier this is a Marketplace issue We want to have content in every Relevant country first and then you want

To focus on the other ones afterwards What we see now is that we’re Approaching a face where content Creators are active on a weekly basis on Mattified either starting to share their Journey and then continue to you know Visualize the travel experience or they Start uploading a bunch of it and then They become active as consumers create Collections stuff like that what we’re Now seeing is that we did our first Funding round we wanted to you know we Launched an Android app today we Launched mattify plan today now what we Are doing is we want to refine the Product for about two months then close Another funding round really get into a Little bit of performance marketing as Well we will try that out it has been Looking really well on Instagram for us To get new people in but we’re not Pushing it right now because we want to Refine the product really to that you Know before we scale to have it really Refined as much as possible maybe you Can share also some numbers that are not Just the numbers of photos shared but Actually how big is your community what Kind of growth are you guys seeing sir Can you share some numbers that are not Just the numbers of photos that are Shared but actually how big is your Community and what kind of growth are You seeing for the community so we have

Agreed with our seed investors to have That node disclose they use a number Right now what we can say though is that We have been approached by several Companies now on the sky scanner or Kayak or TV level they want to work with Mattify and we’re already approaching Eleven where our user base is relevant For those companies what I can say as Well is that we’re already engaging Really high quality users so we have Several people on the platform that have 500,000 600,000 1 million followers on Instagram really using mattify as a Background travel account and start to Build up their mattify profile as well As we will go into the face of really Scaling that business to let’s say half A million a million people have them on The platform and really you know grow The content as well I think these early States users will be Extremely important and I think also It’s a main differentiator what I have Seen no traveler have really succeed in This make this a socialable app right Like there is no travel app really out There that can do this and has the milk Like people with a million followers on Instagram on the platform promoting it Even because they see potential in this Being like the travel Instagram right If vertical social media platform on Which they can monetize later on there

Are large accounts and so I think that’s You know a really interesting Development and it shows that maybe we Might even have a growth potential in Giving the users a way to use that Platform for monetization Alright unfortunately we are out of time So give it up for Massa fine [Applause]

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