Marvel’s Avengers players hold team photoshoots to mark the game’s final update

Marvel’s Avengers players hold team photoshoots to mark the game’s final update.
Marvel’s Avengers players are putting together their favorite team costumes after the in-game store was shut down last week.
Crystal Dynamics announced work on Marvel’s Avengers would be ending last year, and that finally came to pass last week, when the game’s final update arrived.
The in-game store was also closed down at the same time, but thankfully, Crystal Dynamics immediately unlocked every in-game skin for every single character, so everyone can join in the fun of having plenty of zany skins to play around with.
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As such, Marvel’s Avengers veterans are now putting on showcases displaying their favorite costumes for every in-game hero.
Like the post below on the Marvel’s Avengers-dedicated subreddit, for example, one player has gathered all their heroes for a big celebratory photoshoot of their personal best outfits, even if the Hulk does look more like an Orc than the actual Hulk.

Foreign [Music] Marvel's Avengers players hold team Photo shoots to Mark the game's final Update Marvel's Avengers players are Putting together their favorite team Costumes after the in-game store was Shut down last week Crystal Dynamics Announced work on Marvel's Avengers Would be ending last year and that Finally came to pass last week when the Game's final update arrived the in-game Store was also closed down at the same Time but thankfully Crystal Dynamics Immediately unlocked every in-game skin For every single character so everyone Can join in the fun of having plenty of Zany skins to play around with to stay Up to date with latest top stories make Sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video as such Marvel's Avengers Veterans are now putting on showcases Displaying their favorite costumes for Every in-game hero like the post below On the Marvel's Avengers dedicated Subreddit for example one player has Gathered all their Heroes for a big Celebratory photo shoot of their Personal best outfits even if the Hulk Does look more like an orc than the Action Hulk there's other examples of Photo shoots like these on the subreddit Just like the post below this player has

Rolled out the planet Hulk skin variant For the Green Giant and dressed Black Panther in a Garb that honestly looks Similar to a neo-noir detective who Knows what the hell is going on with Ms Marvel but it somehow suits her there's Also been a great effort from one player To put all the heroes in their get up From the 2012 Avengers movie or at least Everyone who was in that movie anyway It's really easy to forget how dorky Everyone looked in the movie from over a Decade ago with special honors going to Captain America for looking like he's Just stepped out of a toy packaging Finally we've got a celebration of all The end game suits for cap Black Widow Iron Man Ms Marvel and Thor completing The Marvel's Avengers campaign one last Time in the end game suits is a nice way To see out the game but as one commenter Rightly notes it's kinda nice to see all The posts with all the cool suits just a Damn shame it's a celebration of death Remember that Marvel Avengers will keep Seeing updates and improvements until September 30 later this year but we Won't be getting any actual new in-game Content via these patches things are all Said and done now for the crystal Dynamics game and although the Action-packed superhero Fest obviously Failed to find a huge audience what Audience it did find are grateful for

The experience perhaps one of the many New games 2023 can help these players Fill the hole left in their gaming Landscapes Foreign [Music]

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