MediaTek wants to power next-generation TVs and Chromebooks

MediaTek wants to power next-generation TVs and Chromebooks.
MediaTek may be best known for its smartphone chipsets, but the company makes all kinds of different processors for all kinds of different products.
Alongside its new MediaTek Dimensity 9200 mobile chipset, the company has also announced chipsets for the Pentonic 1000, Kompanio 520, and Kompanio 528, built to power other devices in your home.
While the Kampanio chipsets are built to power next-generation Chromebooks, the Pentonic 1000 is made for high-end TVs.
Here’s everything you need to know about MediaTek’s next-generation chipsets for the non-smartphones in your home.
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MediaTek is marketing the Pentonic 1000 as the chipset to power next-generation 4K 120Hz TVs, and it brings a number of features to TVs that others may not have.
For example, the chipset supports Wi-Fi 6E, which could come in handy.

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The data engine should be able to overlay now information over historical data so, for example, you can compare year over year metrics and use that to predict what is going on in the future. Reports thus shift from reactive – from constantly putting out fires, from breathlessly playing catch-up, from feeling like you can never get ahead – to forward-looking, using the most current and real-time data. That can open up new avenues of analysis, strategy, and decision-making, like the following:

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