Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review

Although it’s missing some nifty features from the pricier Surface Laptop 3, the Surface Laptop Go is what many people are looking for right now: a well-designed, lightweight laptop with adequate performance that won’t break the bank. is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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Plenty of people these days Are looking for an inexpensive,
yet well engineered laptop, That will let them do everything they need To be able to learn and work from home During these quarantine times. Microsoft didn’t really have a laptop That fits all of those criteria until now. This is the new Microsoft
Surface Laptop Go And at just $549, It is now the cheapest traditional laptop That Microsoft offers. Let’s take a look. For starters, you get the trademark Three-by-two screen orientation That is on most of Microsoft’s devices, Except now it’s in a
smaller 12-inch screen size Instead of the 13-inch Or 15-inch versions that
are on the current versions Of the regular Surface laptop. To my eyes, The smaller screen really
doesn’t make that much Of a difference in terms of
what you can see on the screen Unless you’re doing something Like editing a huge Excel spreadsheet Or having dozens of browser
tabs open on the display. But there is one downside
to that 12-inch display. It is a pixel sense display Which is relatively high quality But it’s not the very high
resolution that you get From those larger laptops. Of course The best feature Of having a smaller screen, Is you can make a smaller
laptop that weighs less

And still feels great to use. The new Surface Laptop Go weighs less Than two and a half pounds, Which means not only can you slip it Into your, say, your backpack Or your purse for a quick job to campus Or the office, if you’re
lucky enough to go in But you can also easily
tote it around the house. If you’re working from home And giving the rest of your family Some much needed space in the office. The Surface Laptop Go
has an excellent keyboard And touchpad. I really, really like how
well the touchpad tracks And the keys have very
satisfying travel distance, And they feel very sturdy. The switches do not wobble at all. The port situation On the Surface Laptop
Go is a little anemic. But it’s not entirely Out of the ordinary
for a laptop this cheap And this small. You get the headphone jack, always nice. You get a USB-C port, And you get a full size USB type A port, Which is great for
connecting older peripherals Or plugging in things like a dongle For an external wireless mouse. Well, the Surface Laptop Go
can charge via a USB-C adapter, Microsoft includes in the box, A Surface Connect style charging cable, Which connects to the
surface connect port here On the right side of the laptop. Now the only major downside

Other than this slightly
smaller of the Surface Laptop Go Is that the $549 starting configuration Comes with some seriously
anemic computing components. We’re talking about just 4 GB of memory, And a 64 GB storage drive. You’re going to want to pay extra To upgrade to at least 128 GB Of storage and 8 GB of memory. Those are two categories
that we consider essential For basic computing here in 2020. That said, the processor
in the Surface Laptop Go Is Intel’s 10th generation processor. It’s a core i5, and
that’s your only option But really a core i5 should suffice For almost all of the tasks That you might use this laptop for, Whether that’s casual web
browsing, watching a video, Or even video conferencing, Or editing Word or Excel documents. So that’s the new Surface Laptop Go. It’s got a 12-inch screen, Weighs less than two-and-a-half pounds, Costs $549 and up, And it comes in three nifty colors: Ice blue sandstone and platinum.

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