Microsoft’s new #AI-enabled Bing was using OpenAI’s GPT-4 all along | TechCrunch

It turns out Microsoft’s new AI-enabled Bing was using OpenAI’s GPT-4 all along, as confirmed by Microsoft on March 14th.

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It's been confirmed Microsoft's new AI Enabled version of Bing has actually Been running GPT for this entire time While it's not exactly surprising since There have already been a lot of rumors That the new version of Bing has been Running GPT for since Microsoft Announced it it's definitely interesting That they decided to announce it now Since both Microsoft and openai refused To confirm which version of GPT was Running until today if you've been able To try the new cheap T4 version of Bing Let us know in the comments what you Think and if you haven't yet head over To Bing right now you may have to sign Up for our waitlist but once you do give It a try and let us know your thoughts

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