Mojo Vision is developing AR contact lenses

The well-funded start up was granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA.

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We started the company about four and a Half years ago to build augmented Reality contact lenses and today that’s What we’re announcing coming out of Stealth that we are in fact building Contact lenses with displays inside them We’re announcing that we’re working on This that we have functional prototypes That we’ve worn I’ve worn and worked as Augmented reality contact lenses we Think it’s a really exciting new Category with a lot of opportunity if we Can kind of change the way we the Relationship that we have with some of Our screens and actually make things Less intrusive by letting us look and Feel human right our contact lens that Is is very subtle and hard to notice When you wear it and yet it is Connecting you to the information that You want when you want it and the rest Of the time is off our objective is not To bombard you with information all the Time and we think there’s some very Exciting medical applications as well Particularly for people with vision Impairment to be able to help them see Better and function better and feel Better about going out into the world And and working and being present you Know we’ve been added about four and a Half years now the product launch is Much closer than our history here This isn’t FDA regulated device as all

Contact lenses are and so we do have a Regulatory cycle to go through and There’s always some question about Exactly how long that takes so we’re not Quite setting a specific date yet But but but it’s coming to the best of Our knowledge this is the first time That that someone is saying that we’re Really developing a smart contact lens With display technology integrated into It and user interfaces on it’s a Fantastically complex systems Engineering problem right there’s Hardware there’s software there’s Fitting there you know it’s a contact Lens it corrects for any of your vision Corrections that are needed just like a Normal contact lens we’ve made the World’s smallest micro display an Ultra-low power wireless high-speed data Link how do you power it how do you put Sensors into it how do you control this Device there’s so many different aspects Of this systems engineering To solve simultaneously so we built up a Team about 85 people in in California Working on this for the last four or Four and a half years and have made a Lot of progress and you know happy to Show you some of that progress today

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