More frontier technology needed to aid women entrepreneurs

More frontier technology needed to aid women entrepreneurs.
Technology is currently playing a significant role in taking women entrepreneurs forward, so more frontier technology should be brought in to continue the trend, said panelists at an international summit on Wednesday.
They also called for more initiatives by co-operative societies to help the advancement of women entrepreneurs in rural areas.
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Speakers made the remarks on the first day of the International Women Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2022 in Dhaka.
The summit is being organized by the Bangladesh-India Business Council (BIBC) in collaboration with the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (Bida) and the Association of Fashion Designers of Bangladesh (AFDB).
In a session on Agriculture and food production, Tapan Kanti Ghosh, senior secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, said: “Like the developed countries of the world, co-operative societies in rural areas of Bangladesh should be strengthened, so that farmers and entrepreneurs can make more profits and develop.

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