Mountain lions pushed out by wildfires take more risks

Mountain lions pushed out by wildfires take more risks.
Mountain lions have no interest in people, or the built-up areas we enjoy.
But after a 2018 wildfire in California, local lions took more risks, crossing roads more often and moving around more in the daytime, scientists report October 20 in Current Biology.
It’s another way the effects of human development could be putting pressure on vulnerable wildlife — in this case, potentially pushing them toward our bumpers.
The Woolsey Fire began near Los Angeles on November 8, 2018, and burned more than 36,000 hectares in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Nearly 300,000 people evacuated, and three people died.
Animals fled the fire too, including the local mountain lions ( Puma concolor ).
The fire was a tragedy, but also a scientific opportunity, says Rachel Blakey, a global change biologist at UCLA.
Many of the lions wore tracking collars, allowing scientists to study how the fire changed their behavior.
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