MS-DOS ChatGPT Client Arrives for 1984 IBM PC

MS-DOS ChatGPT Client Arrives for 1984 IBM PC.
A hobbyist software developer and retro computing enthusiast has succeeded in bridging the ChatGPT and IBM PC-XT computing divide.
On the lookout for a challenge, Yo Kheng Meng wondered if he could write a ChatGPT client for MS-DOS.
Specifically, he targeted a 1984 vintage IBM 5155 Portable PC, which is powered by a 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 CPU and has 640KB of RAM (enough for anyone, right?).
Several technological obstacles needed to be surmounted to make the project a success.
Typically, most people access ChatGPT via a web browser, but it seems to be a growing trend to access this AI resource via a client.
We have reported on some notable and fun clients like a ChatGPT Smartwatch powered by a Raspberry Pi and Microsoft’s much maligned Clippy with an AI brain transplant.
However, getting ChatGPT to work on one of the most ancient of PCs might be even more ambitious.
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