Myst 2021 Review: A Classic Returns

The definitive (re)vision of a PC gaming classic.

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this video, Myst’s developer Cyan issued a patch that restored the original FMV performances. An option in the Settings lets you choose between the default CG performances or FMVs. We’ve updated the written review to reflect this (smart) change.

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– The adventure puzzle game
Myst first debuted on CD-ROM In 1993 and went on to
become one of the most Successful PC games of all time. Since that first release,
developer Cyan has tweaked Revamped and re-released
the game under many names Like realMyst and Masterpiece Edition. This latest iteration
of the game is intended To be so definitive,
it’s simply called Myst And it lives up to that expectation. In Myst you play a voiceless,
nameless protagonist Dropped onto the
mysterious titular island. There are no time limits, no ways to die, And no enemies to defeat. Instead, your goal is
to explore the island And its strange monuments, To solve puzzles and
unravel the murderous plot That entrapped Myst’s
previous inhabitants. These puzzles haven’t changed
in the intervening decades, But a puzzle randomization mode Will slow down experienced players. One thing that hasn’t changed: This game doesn’t have the original’s Distinctive full motion videos. The real draw of Myst has always been Its beautiful atmospheric setting, Which you can take in
through virtual reality Or on a regular monitor. Both look great, but VR is definitely The more impressive of the two modes Where you can really immerse
yourself in the experience. That said, I did run into
some controller issues. I played the game both ways and found The keyboard and mouse
easier on my stomach, And also still quite engrossing.

This facelift makes Myst more
accessible to modern players. It looks and plays like
a game should in 2021, But the game is still
a beguiling experience That feels both fresh and
historical at the same time. It’s the kind of game that
will get under your skin And make you think about
art and why we make it And what responsibility humans have To the real and imaginary
worlds around us. I give Myst a four and a half stars And the Editor’s Choice. Myst is available now for
$29.99 for PC, Mac, Xbox, And is for sale on Steam, GOG, And several other game stores. For more Steam game reviews and previews, Check out PCMag’s Steam curator page, And for in-depth video game talk, Check out PCMag’s YouTube
series, ”The Pop-Off.”

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