NASA satellite discovers second Earth-sized planet in habitable zone

NASA satellite discovers second Earth-sized planet in habitable zone.
Scientists from NASA announced Tuesday that they discovered an Earth-size planet orbiting its star’s habitable zone.
Called TOI 700 e, the planet is part of the TOI 700 system and is 95% the Earth’s size and likely rocky, according to NASA, which used data from its Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).
“This is one of only a few systems with multiple, small, habitable-zone planets that we know of,” Emily Gilbert, a postdoctoral fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California who led the work, said in a statement on NASA’s website.
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NASA previously discovered three planets in the same system, called TOI 700 b, c and d.
Planet d is also in the habitable zone of the star, NASA said.
NASA’s TESS discovers planetary system’s second sarth-size world seen in a NASA illustration.

Foreign [Music] Discovers second earth-sized planet Inhabitable Zone scientists from NASA Announced Tuesday that they discovered An earth-sized Planet orbiting at Star's Habitable zone called toy 700e the Planet is part of the toy 700 system and Is 95 the Earth's size and likely Rocky According to NASA which used data from Its transiting exoplanet survey Satellite tests this is one of only a Few systems with multiple small Habitable zone planets that we know of Emily Gilbert a post-octoral fellow at NASA's jet propulsion laboratory in Southern California who led the work Said in a statement on NASA's website to Stay up to date with latest top stories Make sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video NASA previously discovered Three planets in the same system called Toy 700b C and D Planet D is also in the Habitable zone of the star NASA said NASA's test discovers planetary Systems Second sort size World scene in a NASA Illustration Planet e is about 10 Percent smaller than Planet D so the System also shows how additional test Observations help us find smaller and Smaller worlds Gilbert said Paul Hertz a Senior advisor to the associate Administrator of the science Mission

Directorate said in 2020 that Tess was Designed and launched specifically to Find earth-sized planets orbiting nearby Stars toy 700e takes 28 days to orbit Its star called toy 700 a small red Dwarf star located around 100 light Years from Earth in 2020 and New York Teenager interning at NASA discovered a Planet 6.9 times larger than Earth that Orbited two stars what scientists call a Circumbinary planet NASA said the wolf Cuckier's Discovery was rare because Circumbinary planets which are usually Difficult to find and scientists can Only detect these planets during a Transit event when one of the sun shows A decrease in brightness Foreign [Music]

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