New Forspoken characters, areas, PS5 bonuses, and more revealed

New Forspoken characters, areas, PS5 bonuses, and more revealed – PlayStation.Blog.
After taking a deeper look at the magic parkour, combat, and things to do in Athia, we’re excited to present the Forspoken Gameplay Showcase.
Ella Balinska, the actor who performs as Forspoken’s protagonist, Frey Holland, reveals new gameplay content showcasing Frey’s high-intensity battle with Tanta Sila, an encounter with a very powerful Breakbeast, and an ominous introduction to a never-before-seen character, Tanta Olas.
Additionally, we receive an exciting look at the next-gen immersion experience provided by playing Forspoken on PlayStation 5.
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Want to see this new content for yourself?
Check out The Forspoken Gameplay Showcase below:

Read on to discover more details on the amazing Forspoken Gameplay Showcase content, but please note this article contains minor spoilers for Forspoken’s story.

Foreign [Music] Characters areas PS5 bonuses and more Revealed playstation.log after taking a Deeper look at the magic Parker combat And things to do in Athea we're excited To present the forspoken gamma play Showcase Ella balinska the actor who Performs as forspoken's protagonist free Holland reveals new gamma play content Showcasing freeze high-intensity battle With tantasila an encounter with a very Powerful brake Beast an an ominous Introduction to a never-before-seen Character tantolas additionally we Receive an exciting look at the next gen Immersion experience provided by playing For Spokane on Playstation 5. to stay up To date with latest top stories make Sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video want to see this new content For yourself check out the forspoken Gamma play showcase below read on to Discover more details on the amazing Forspoken gamma play showcase content But please note this article contains Minor spoilers for forspoken story Freeze journey in battle with tantasila After being mysteriously transported Into the mystical land of Athea free has Little else on her mind outside of Surviving in her corrupted dangerous new Surroundings and returning home to New

York City however her motivations to Return to her hometown are quickly Pushed aside after free discoveries that Olivia a little girl she developed a Special bond with during her time in Athia has been murdered in an attack by Tantasila a once benevolent matriarch of Athia turned maddened and cruel free is Heartbroken enraged and finds herself Driven to avenge Olivia's death and Defeat tantasila once and for all to Describe this magical Showdown as Intense would be an understatement Freeze conviction and Mastery of her new Abilities are tested against seala's Overwhelming strength and a fight Reminiscent of a gorgeous fireworks show Speaking of Glorious battles free Encounters a few other beasts in Athea That test her metal break beast battle Free time in Athea introduces her almost Immediately to a phenomenon known as the Break a devastating blight that corrupts Anything and everything it touches Perhaps the greatest example of this Corrupting force is a handful of Extremely powerful brake beasts these Terrifying creatures are found roaming Across the different areas of athia so Free cam putter combat and Magic Parker Skills to the test when she comes across One but beware these ultimate break Beasts are no joke utilizing combos of Different magic types and Parker moves

Can be especially helpful during these High octane fights so it's best to try Out different strategies if you find Yourself becoming bested by the beasts Fighting ferocious beasts may have free Feeling homesick for New York but even When she suddenly finds herself back in The concrete jungle things are much more Dangerous than they appear a trip to New York and tantoolas freeze desire for a Way to leave athia and return home to New York City Is tragically used against Her in a Sinister plot crafted by none Other than tantolas with her Mastery of Illusion Olas is able to harness her Magic to create an illusory version of New York City in an attempt to trap free Free is flexed when she finds herself in The familiar setting of her hometown but By the time she's able to detect that Things are quite as them seem It's Too Late by cleverly lowering freeze guard And sealing her into an illusion of her Making Olas shows she is a force to be Reckoned perhaps not with her strength Like Sila but with her mental prowess While an encounter with Olas is much Like a bad dream the force became PS5 Demo is a dream come true for fans Hungry to finally play as free download The demo today and leap into the Spellbending action we hope you've Enjoyed this never-before-seen look at Some of the things waiting for you in

Forcepaken but don't fret plenty more Surprises await you and Athea fully Experience Free's Journey for yourselves On January 24 2023 when Force begin Launches for PlayStation 5. Foreign [Music]

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