New Hidden Gallery Feature Discovered in Latest Windows 11 Build: A Sneak Peek into the Future File

Hey, everyone!
I have some exciting news to share with you today.
A hidden gallery feature has been discovered in the latest dev build of Windows 11 (build 25300).
This gallery feature could potentially be included in a new version of File Explorer in the future, making browsing through your images even more attractive and convenient.
According to Windows hacker Albacore, the gallery is based on XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) and can be accessed by enabling the new WASDK (Windows App SDK) based File Explorer.
While the WASDK File Explorer and its gallery feature are currently disabled by default in Windows 11 Build 25300, they can be enabled through some registry edits and optional hidden feature enabling.
When I enabled the WASDK File Explorer, I noticed that it looks identical to the default File Explorer, with the same icons, colors, and layout.
The only indication that you’re running it is the icon of a slice of pizza in the toolbar, which says “You are previewing the Windows App SDK version of File Explorer” when you hover over it.

Foreign Hey everyone I have some exciting news To share with you today a hidden Gallery Feature has been discovered in the Latest Dev build of Windows 11 build 25 300 this Gallery feature could Potentially be included in a new version Of file explorer in the future making Browsing through your images even more Attractive and convenient according to Windows hacker albacher the gallery is Based on xaml extensible application Markup language and can be accessed by Enabling the new wasdk Windows app SDK Paste file explorer while the wasdk file Explorer and its Gallery feature are Currently disabled by default in Windows 11 build 25300 they can be enabled through some Registry edits and optional hidden Feature enabling when I enabled the Wasdk file explorer I noticed that it Looks identical to the default File Explorer with the same icons colors and Layout the only indication that you're Running it is the icon of a slice of Pizza in the toolbar which says you are Previewing the Windows app SDK version Of file explorer when you hover over it The gallery icon appears below the home Icon and the left pane when I clicked it It showed me a series of thumbnails for Images that were in my pictures Library Sorted by file date I could easily

Browse them by date and even search Through them using the built-in search Box however during my testing I found That the search can only identify Pictures by file name which isn't very Helpful when you're dumping images off Of your phone it would be nice if Somehow this feature could use image Recognition to search the content of Your pictures by default the gallery Only grabbed pictures from my OneDrive Pictures library but I was able to add Additional folders to it by clicking on The locations button that appears in the Toolbar when the gallery is open after Clicking locations I clicked at and Added the documents library to the Gallery overall the gallery feature Seems nice but not quite ready for Prime Time albacore warned in their Twitter Thread that the wasdk file explorer is Not stable and may crash however it's Exciting to see that Microsoft is Working on a new file explorer and Gallery experience which we will likely See in a future production build of Windows 11. if you want to try the Windows 11x AML gallery and wasdk file Explorer for yourself keep in mind that These steps involve using a Dev build of Windows 11 which could be unstable or Incompatible with your Hardware I Recommend installing the build into a Virtual machine on your desktop to avoid

Any risks with your production Environment to get started you'll need To install Windows Insider build 25300 if you haven't already you can Download an ISO of it directly from Microsoft then change the registry value From 0 to 1 and download vivitool from GitHub and follow the steps to enable The necessary features after that you Should be able to launch the file Explorer and see the pizza slice icon Which indicates that you're using the Wasdk file explorer the gallery icon Should also be in the left pane ready For you to explore your images in a Whole new way make sure to stay tuned For future updates on this exciting new Feature and as always to stay up to date With the latest top stories in science And technology don't forget to subscribe To this YouTube channel by clicking the Button above this video

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