Newly Discovered CRISPR System Shuts Down Cells to Thwart Infection

Newly Discovered CRISPR System Shuts Down Cells to Thwart Infection.
Although CRISPR-Cas9 has made significant waves since Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuel Charpentier discovered it, the overall gene editing field is young.
Researchers around the globe are still deciphering the basic structure of these systems, what makes them tick and how we can leverage them for human health.
Now, an international team from the U.S.
and Germany has added to that knowledge with the discovery of a new CRISPR system that could enable the “programming” of cells—an ability that has implications for cancer therapeutics, genome editing, microbiomes, and much more.
Six years in the making, the tandem papers published in Nature late last week, describe the structure and function of the newly discovered CRISPR-Cas12a2 system.
Unlike better-known CRISPR systems that deactivate foreign genes to protect cells, CRISPR-Cas12a2 shuts down infected cells to thwart infection.
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Foreign [Music] Crispr system shuts down cells to thwart Infection although Crisprcas-9 has made significant waves Since Jennifer doudna and Emmanuel Shapentier discovered it the overall Gene editing field is Young researchers Around the globe are still deciphering The basic structure of these systems What makes them tick and how we can Leverage them for human health now an International team from the U.S and Germany has added to that knowledge with The discovery of a new crispr system That could enable the programming of Cells and ability that has implications For cancer Therapeutics genome editing Microbiomes and much more six years in The making the tandem papers published In nature late last week describe the Structure and function of the newly Discovered crisp rcas12a2 system unlike Better known crispr systems that Deactivate foreign genes to protect Cells Crisprcas-12a2 shuts down infected cells To thwart infection to stay up to date With latest top stories make sure to Subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video With this new system we're seeing a Structure and function unlike anything That's been observed in crispr systems

To date said corresponding author Ryan Jackson assistant professor at Utah State University the element that sets Cas-12a2 apart from others is its Binding process and defense mechanism For example the well-known crisp rcas-9 System binds to Target DNA and cuts it Like molecular scissors to shut off the Targeted Gene however Cas-12a2 binds to RNA and when it does It undergoes major structural changes Targeting RNA triggers collateral Nucleic acid cleavage that degrades RNA Single-stranded DNA and double-stranded DNA this activity leads to cell arrest Presumably by damaging DNA and RNA in The cell which impairs growth using Cryo-electron microscopy Jackson and his Team successfully demonstrated crisp Rcas-12a2's RNA trigger degradation of Single-stranded RNA single-stranded DNA And double-stranded DNA resulting in a Naturally occurring defensive strategy Called abortive infection incredibly Cas-12a2 nucleuses bend the usually Straight piece of double helical DNA 90 Degrees to force the backbone of the Helix into the enzymatic active site Where it is cut said Jackson it's a Change in structure that's extraordinary To observe normally bacteria and archaea Use the abortive infection defense Mechanism to limit the spread of viruses And other pathogens to find it in a

Crispr system is unique a few other Crispr cause systems work in this way However a Crispr-based defense mechanism that Relies on a single nucleus to recognize The Invader and degrade cellular DNA and RNA has not been observed before said Oligma trenkam a postdoc at the Wurzburg Helmholtz Institute for rna-based Infection research hiri who collaborated With yusu on the study as proof of Principle the researchers showed Cas-12a2 can be used for molecular Diagnostics and direct detection of RNA Biomarkers with a limit of detection Comparable with existing Technologies in Their study the researchers say they Envision a variety of applications Beyond detection of RNA for cas-12a2 Including the programmable shaping of Microbial communities cancer Therapeutics and counter-selection to Enhance genome editing if cas-12a2 could Be harnessed to identify Target and Destroy cells at the genetic level the Potential therapeutic applications are Significant he says we're just Scratching the surface but we believe Cas-12a2 could lead to improved and Additional crispr technologies that will Greatly benefit Society lab products Used in this animal research Echo 525 Liquid Handler Beckman Coulter Synergy H1 Plate Reader biotech ds11ds 11 FX

Series fluorometer spectrophotometer Denovics [Music]

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