NFT platform Bonfire is out of beta with $6.2 million in funding

NFT platform Bonfire is out of beta with $6.2 million in funding.
A new Web3 platform is burning bright.
Bonfire, which has emerged out of beta and raised  $6.2 million  of seed funding, is helping creators launch NFTs and social tokens.
Bonfire lets its partners create custom, Web3-integrated websites where tokens serve as the de facto currency.
Through Bonfire, any piece of content is “token gate-able,” and creators can engage their fans through NFT drops, contests, exclusive releases, and more.
“Over the past year, we’ve been building with and listening to creators, and hearing their frustration around the lack of easy-to-use tools to onboard one’s community into web3, and build rich experiences for collectors,” reads a Bonfire blog post.
“This is why we built Bonfire — the simplest and most powerful no-code platform builder for creators and their communities.
We create tools to help creators build custom-branded sites for their community, integrated natively with their digital assets and content.”
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Foreign [Music] T platform bonfire is out of beta with 6.2 million dollars in funding a new Web3 platform is burning bright bonfire Which has emerged out of beta and raised 6.2 million dollars of seed funding is Helping creators launch nfts and social Tokens bonfire lets its Partners create Custom Web3 integrated websites where tokens Serve as the de facto currency through Bonefire any piece of content is Tokengate able and creators can engage Their fans through nft drops contests Exclusive releases and more over the Past year we’ve been building with and Listening to creators and hearing their Frustration around the lack of easy to Use tools to onboard one’s Community Into web3 and build Rich experiences for Collectors reads a bonfire blog post This is why we built bonfire the Simplest and most powerful no code Platform builder for creators and their Communities we create tools to help Creators build custom branded sites for Their Community integrated natively with Their digital assets and content to stay Up to date with latest top stories make Sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video as bonfire takes its next Steps it is opening up to any and all

Interested users nft curious creators Can sign up on the company’s website for 48 hours after the platform’s public Launch an nft commemorating the occasion Will be free to Mint though bonfire’s Official launch is happening now the Company has already had a busy beta Period it has worked with groups like Portugal the Man in Odessa to launch Tokens that delivered exclusive perks to Bands the latter band rolled out an nft All-access pass that granted free Tickets for stops on their tour bonfire Has also worked with web3 Native artists Such as Daniel Allen on nft drops Outside of Music bonfire has worked with Podcasters like Adam Levy now bonfire is Inviting creators and Brands to take Control of their work by establishing Pages driven by digital ownership the Young company believes the creators and Web3 will act more like platforms and it Wants to provide the infrastructure Through which those platforms are built Bonfire also has plenty of friends in The world of venture capital the 6.2 Million dollars it has raised so far Includes contributions from Nea variant Fund palm tree crew crypto libertus Capital collab currency pair VC coinbase Ventures not boring capital and Seed Club Ventures as well as Angel Investors Like Cooper Turley Lenny rachitsky Mayabaki Trevor mcfredrey’s and Kai

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