Nintendo Labo hands-on

We take the Nintendo Switch’s innovative new cardboard kit for a spin.

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[Music] We are showing off for the first time Today Nintendo lab oh it’s a brand new Experience for Nintendo switch where you Can actually make play and discover Using a Nintendo lab Oh kids what we did Today is we went through and we had Experience building some toy con that’s We call the creations you make with Nintendo lab oh we started out with the RC car did a little building of the Fishing rod and then we went in and Played all the different kinds of toy Con that that are available people had a Chance to play with a robot the piano The house the motorbike fishing so it Was really a good overall experience of What Nintendo lab will have to offer What we wanted to do is have something That was a brand new kind of experience Where it wasn’t just an on-screen Experience where there was tactile Sensation of actually building these Kits that you can then have an Experience of playing I well because It’s a you know really accessible kind Of thing that people can play that There’s a lot of different ways that you Can shape it and mold it a really good Way to bring this to life the joy con Controllers have a lot of Technology Built into them like previous Controllers from Nintendo it detects Motion and tilts but they also have not

Only Rumble but HD Rumble so there’s a Variation in that vibrating feedback you Get and then one of the joy con has an IR camera and that’s being used in some Really creative ways to bring Nintendo Labo to life well we showed off today The Nintendo lab of the garage and in This it’s a way to it’s to put together Some basic programming language Input/output type of things you can Assign different types of input with Movement or buttons of the controller to Different output and what’s designed to Do is to allow people to create their Own kinds of toy con creations so beyond The kits that we provide them this gives People tools to really expand and use Their imaginations to come up with Anything they can imagine Nintendo lab o will be available on April 20th the variety kid will be Available for $69.99 the robot kit will Be available for 79 [Music] You

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