No way, the Google Pixel Watch is already on sale?

No way, the Google Pixel Watch is already on sale?
The Google Pixel Watch is the newest kid on the block in the smartwatch game, but that’s not stopping Google from putting it on sale for Cyber Monday.
While the $350 launch price felt a bit steep for some folks — especially in 2022 — this deal drops it just under $300 at our favorite retailers.
I’ve been waiting to get my own Pixel Watch since launch but didn’t have the monetary funds available.
Now that it’s on sale, it looks like I’ll be grabbing my own (and you should too)!
Smartwatch deals: Best Buy (opens in new tab) | Walmart (opens in new tab) | Amazon (opens in new tab) | Samsung (opens in new tab) | Dell (opens in new tab)
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I haven’t had the chance to play with the Pixel Watch just yet, which might sound a bit crazy considering I typically cover big Samsung and Google events for Android Central.

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