Oculus Quest 2 Review

The Oculus Quest 2 improves on nearly everything from the original at a more affordable price, making it the best $300 VR headset for newbies and experienced users alike.

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I’m will greenwald and this is the Oculus quest 2. This is the follow-up version of the Original oculus quest the standalone Six stuff vr headset produced by Facebook and oculus This is smaller lighter more powerful Has a better screen and cost a hundred Dollars less than the original oculus Quest with a retail price of 299 for the 64 Gigabyte model or 399 for the 256 Gigabyte model The headset is standalone which means it Does not require any connected Computer or game console all the Electronics are built right inside and You can get a full virtual reality Experience With six degrees of freedom both for Your head and for motion controllers In one package without any cables which Is one of the biggest draws about the Oculus quest And why we recommended the original one The quest 2 has gotten several upgrades From the original quest The display now shows 1832 by 1920 Pixels per eye a pretty big step Up from the 1440 by 1600 of the original Quest It used a qualcomm snapdragon 865 cpu A significant snap-off of several Generations from the qualcomm snapdragon

835 fan to the original it also has a Bit more ram And it’s a little lighter and all that Adds up to A better performance for a headset that Costs a bit less It comes with two motion controllers They’re very similar to the original Oculus touch controllers that came with The original quest although There are some slight redesigns the Circular control Area here is larger so there’s a more Comfortable place to put your Thumb and the triggers are larger the Handle is a bit larger so it’s just more Comfortable to generally grip These are just very minor upgrades from The original touch which we Quite liked as a controller for both the Oculus quest and oculus rift s So across the board the quest 2 has been Bumped up significantly If you want a more powerful vr Experience you can use this as a Tethered headset By getting the optional 79 oculus link Cable A 5 meter usbc cable which can connect Your computer To this headset so you can use steamvr Any pc based oculus software and Basically use this just like a tethered Vr headset like the oculus rift s

That’s a lot of functionality into one 300 package and that is enough to earn The Oculus quest to our editor’s choice You

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