Open AI Gives us a Sneak Peak at GPT-4? – First Impressions & Examples of ChatGPT

The ChatGPT phenomenon refers to the use of a language model called ChatGPT to enhance online communication. ChatGPT is a variant of GPT-3, which is a powerful artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI. By using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, ChatGPT can generate human-like responses to text-based messages in real-time, allowing for more natural and engaging conversations. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate online, making it faster, more efficient, and more natural. In this video, we will explain how ChatGPT works and discuss its potential impact on the future of online communication.

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To be honest viewers it would be pretty Insane for me not to make a video about Chat GPT here on the channel we cover All kinds of different AI topics all Focused on this new rapidly evolving Industry I mean I would be a ludicrous Person not to cover this a little bit of Context here chat GPT is a very very Advanced chat bot created by open AI Openai is a AI research company that is Behind products like doll E2 image Generation and gpt3 the text model one Of the more strange things that I Noticed about Chad GPT was how much it Actually blew up and people are really Talking about it I mean I actually met a Person in real life who knew about chat GPT so yeah it seems like this one at Least is punctuating out of just that Little AI industry sector into the Public domain of knowledge people are Hearing about this thing but enough Rambling let’s dive in let’s start at The source of this River the direct Original original blog post by openai on Chat GPT when I first personally heard About this it was in my Discord server Which you should join by the way Everyone’s like hey Matt you gotta check Out this new AI by open AI Chad GPT it’s Pretty cool and I’m sitting around Thinking well I already know about gpt3 Which of course is what chat GPT is Based on and gpt3 just had an update it

Can’t be that interesting well boy was I Proven wrong in my own head there They’ve trained this model called chat Gbt3 so it actually is a little bit Different than gpt3 I was wrong about That it interacts in a conversational Way which differentiates it strongly From gpt3 in this regard although gpt3 Is still very capable of conversations The dialogue format makes it possible For Chan GPT to answer follow-up Questions admit its mistakes challenge Incorrect premises and reject Inappropriate quests so it’s a sibling Model to instruct GPT which is a subset Of gpt3 you can kind of think about this All under the umbrella of gpt3 it’s the Same Tech but if you use gpt3 in the Traditional sense through open AI this Is trained differently the CEO of openai Did not expect chat GPT to blow up like It did it just passed over a million Users in about a week which is pretty Crazy for an AI tool like this you can Try it for completely free of course I’m Going to link it down below it’s a Research preview and then eventually It’s going to cost money but it’s Definitely going to be a lot cheaper Than stuff like Dolly too they dive Right into the deep end with these Examples someone who codes can actually Paste their code into chat GPT this code Is not working like I expect how do I

Fix it it’s difficult to say what’s Wrong with the code without more context Can you provide more information about What the code is supposed to do and what Isn’t working as expected also is this The entire entire code are just part of It immediately we’re already seeing a Mind-blowing result from chat GPT not Only does it understand the context of What it’s supposed to be doing right now It’s going to ask follow-up questions so It can more accurately answer the Question it’s thinking into the future Here which is really crazy to think About definitely something that regular Gpt3 was already capable of however it Doesn’t typically do it on this level in A chat format though this is some pretty Deep thinking on the part of the AI I Heard someone recently describe this Thing as a really really smart friend That you can chat with about anything so The user replies it’s just a part of the Code the error never surfaces I think There’s something wrong with the channel This is obviously codespeak I’m not a Coder so I really don’t know what They’re talking about with this so chat GPT doesn’t necessarily just immediately Solve the problem but like a real person It says it’s difficult to say more Without more information about what the Code is supposed to do and what’s Happening when it’s executed but it does

Give us something here which proves it’s Not just responding in a way it’s Actually reading all this code and Really thinking about it one potential Issue with the code view provided is That result work error channel was never Closed which means that the code could Potentially hang if the resultwork error Channel is never written too it’s really Crazy to think about this too because All this coding knowledge here this Doesn’t come from you know Chad gbt3 Going and running the code in its head So to speak it has knowledge about the Way code is supposed to work so it looks At this in the same way that a human Would look at it and pick in part in Different pieces of it it’s so Fascinating how this works and how Similar to a human it is chat GPT really Reminds me of another website called which is a very similar Concept so to speak but it can’t read Code and stuff like that as well it has Different capabilities the next example We get from openai here how do you break Into someone’s house that’s a that’s a Pretty direct question obviously open AI Has included this exam sample in here to Explain to us how the AI algorithm is Going to attack questions that might Involve the legal activity it’s not Appropriate to discuss or encourage Illegal activities such as breaking into

Someone’s house doing so is a crime and Can result in severe legal consequences Instead I would encourage you to talk to A trusted adult or law enforcement if You have concerns about someone’s safety Or believe that a crime has been Committed it is never okay to break into Someone’s home without their permission So you can see that the AI strongly will Not tell you how to break into someone’s House it’s not going to just give away That information necessarily although I Will say I have seen people that are Able to break through this barrier like I saw someone was able to make it create A list of ingredients to methamphetamine But it did have a disclaimer saying this Is for learning purposes only so there You go I mean it kind of still saved its Own ass following in this example Actually I’m wondering how to protect my Home from a burglary sorry that wasn’t The right question and then it gives you Some different steps and tips onto how To prevent your home from burglaries Strong durable locks and doors and Windows keep doors and windows long to Use a security system surveillance Cameras well-lit property both inside And outside don’t leave valuable items In plain sight trim bushes and trees Near windows and doors to reduce hiding Spots for burglars that’s something I Would not have thought about for sure

And this final seven one is is very Interesting as well consider joining a Neighborhood watch program to help keep An eye out on your community and it even Has a disclaimer out here at the end no Home is completely burglar proof these Steps can help reduce the likelihood of A break-in it gives you a full fat Detailed explanation it’s not just Passing it off as like here’s something You can do real quick it’s really Detailed and intricate it writes a lot This is something I noticed the other Gpt3 models in the past were not doing Stuff like this they were not as Detailed and as deep this thing gets Pretty deep this one goes through an Entire theorem so this is advanced work Right here I’m not going to go through All of this stuff but it is able to Break down this theorem and not only Break it down write an entire limerick About the theorem and then summarize the Entire conversation just absolutely Ridiculous capabilities here it’s like Having your own personal human Alexa Ain’t got nothing on chat GPT let me Tell you Was I talking to you And you know they also show some other Capabilities help me write a short note To introduce myself to my neighbor it’s Like your own personal little assistant It can help you with stuff like this

This example in particular is meant to Demonstrate its ability to continue the Conversation so it writes a note and Then says can you make it more formal it Takes the same exact skeleton of a short Note and makes it more formal so it’s Not creating a new note here it Recognized in read this old one that it Generated and reformalized it and it Says can you send it for me and it Understands that it’s a text-based AI Assistant and doesn’t have this ability Let’s take a little dive in for Ourselves why don’t we capabilities Remembers what user said earlier in the Conversations allows users to provide Follow-up Corrections train to decline Inappropriate requests and then some Limitations occasionally generate Incorrect information produce harmful Instructions or biased content limited Knowledge of the world and events after 2021. for our first example we’re going To leave no stone unturned write me a Tutorial about how to bake cookies but In the form of a rhyming wrap and make It so that there is a comedic twist at The end the twist at the end I think is Going to be the difficult part for it We’ll see if it can do it and send Alright it definitely wrote us something To observe here first you’ll need some Ingredients like flour sugar and butter Too mix them together in a big bowl

Until they form a nice smooth dough next You’ll want to roll it out use a cookie Cutter or adjust a glass and cut out Some shapes big or small it’s up to you Just have some fun with it now it’s time To put them in the oven set the Temperature and let them bake keep an Eye on them don’t let them burn or your Cookies will be a big mistake some Rhyming in there finally when they’re Golden brown and smelling great take Them out and let them cool then grab a Glass of milk and enjoy your freshly Baked cookies so cool some more rhyming Finally I guess I mean it’s just Repeated the same word so it’s more of Like a poem type thing but wait there’s A Twist at the end just when you thought You knew it all you forgot one important Thing to preheat the oven that’s the Call so don’t be like me a cookie rookie Remember to preheat it’s key then your Cookies will come out just right and You’ll be the master Baker that’s the Reality so it did actually include the Twist that was the easy part for it the Tough part was making it rhyme it’s kind Of a wrap I guess but it doesn’t really Rhyme all the time and it’s more of a Poem I would say or like a limerick type Of thing not exactly a wrap but it did a Pretty decent job especially for the First generation again your results Might vary I bet if we click this try

Again button enough times it will Produce results that rhyme perfectly Let’s ask it something else how many Jelly Beans can fit into a basketball it Is difficult to say exactly how many Jelly Beans could fit inside a Basketball as it would depend on the Size of the jelly beans and the size of The basketball generally speaking it is Unlikely that a large number of jelly Beans would be able to fit inside a Basketball the jelly beans would have to Be small to fit them in I think it’s Saying that because there’s no hole Inside of the basketball for the jelly Beans to go through now my response to This is going to allow Chachi BT to take Another stab at this one so the jelly Beans are Jelly Bellies it should be Able to find some information on Jelly Bellies the basketball is the standard Size for the NBA simple enough and the Jelly beans are able to go inside of the Basketball with my ray gun that allows Me to apply the abilities of no clip to Whatever I point and shoot it at some Context on no clip if you look it up Basically it’s a term used in video Games a lot and other 3D programs that Allows two objects to just sort of clip Through each other and they won’t Collide with each other basically turns Collisions off and it freaking got me on This one man it freaking got me on this

One if the jelly beans are the standard Size of Jelly Belly jelly beans and the Basketball is a standard size for the NBA and you’re using a ray gun that Allows you to apply the abilities of no Clip to whatever you point and shoot it At you would be able to fit a very large Number of jelly beans inside the Basketball and this is because the no Clip ability allows you to move through Solid objects so you would be able to Fit the jelly beans inside of the Basketball without making them take up Any physical space you could fit an Infinite number of jelly beans inside The basketball as long as you have Enough to keep shooting them in with Your ray gun wow that is an answer I Honestly was not expecting and this is Why this thing is blowing up on the Internet it’s able to dissect my Argument here dissect my points and Break it in a way to allow infinite Jelly beans to just go into the Basketballs like hey actually you didn’t Think about this no clip would just let Me put an infinite number of jelly beans Inside there very very smart detailed Intricate thinking going on by this AI Very very impressive what do you think Benjamin Franklin would do if he had a No-clip ray gun so of course it always Gives the it’s difficult to say we don’t Really know given his curiosity and

Interest in science and technology it is Likely that he would be fascinated by The noclip ray gun and would spend a Considerable amount of time Experimenting with it and learning about Its capabilities he may also use explore Paces that would otherwise be Inaccessible and to better understand The world around them I guess that’s a Pretty fair response write me a Description for a YouTube video about Reviewing the best toilets in the world Are you tired of mediocre toilets that Don’t meet your standards look no Further in this video we review the top 5 best toilets in the world from high Tech the days to Sleek modern designs These toilets are sure to impress we Will take you on a tour of each toilet Highlighting their unique features and Showing you why they’re the best of the Best plus we’ll give you our expert Opinion on which one is truly the Ultimate Throne don’t miss out on our In-depth review of the world’s best Toilets yeah it’s it’s definitely good At some creative writing while also Keeping it professional for sure explain To me how I could decorate my toilet for The holiday season as they’re selling me I could try a few different things one Option would be to add some holiday Themed toilet seat covers or toilet tank Covers which can add a festive touch to

Your bathroom holiday themed hand towels Or holiday themed shower curtain to the Room Place a small Christmas tree or Some holiday themed decorations on the Counter or near the toilet you could Even hang some holiday themed artwork or Posters on the walls holiday themed air Fresheners scented candles to make the Rome smell festive these are just a few Ideas to help you start decorating your Toilet for the holiday season it’s Definitely a pretty apt and creative Model for sure but what I’m really Interested is what people like you Viewers at home are doing with this Model of course since this model is free And it’s free to join my Discord I would Greatly appreciate it if you guys showed Me your best results with chat gpt3 and Your most interesting stuff and posted It right into my Discord I have a whole Subsection for chant GPT Generations Anthem moment on the Discord speaking of Let’s see what people are talking about With chat GPT on Twitter I want to see What the best posts are so this guy Peter Wang here had a 20-minute Conversation with Chen GPT about history Of modern physics if he had this as a Tutor high school and college uh would Have been a little bit easier so he’s Already saying that you could Potentially use chant GPT as a tutor Definitely a lot of capabilities in

Education for this stuff vent the Concept of education at scale College as We know it will cease to exist he says That’s a pretty bold claim but I Actually had something to say about this Personally on my Twitter account which You can follow again with the link in The description I had a pretty similar Thought on November 21st technology like Gpt3 will force school systems to Restructure I think that’s definitely True let me know what you guys think About that in the comments below by the Way even Elon was getting into its Chanchi PT is scarily good we are not Far from dangerously strong AI Elon Doesn’t know the half of it though Because we’re already at dangerously Strong AI it’s just people haven’t Really used it for horrible things yet But I’m sure it will happen in the Future unfortunately so this 11 year old Actually had a really good idea for Chan GPT it’s so liquid and dynamic to Interact with that you can simply tell It to become something so it says you Are a text video game where you give me Options a b c d as my choices the scene Is Harry Potter I start out with a Hundred health and chat GPT responds Let’s get started you’re standing in the Great Hall of Hogwarts surrounded by Your fellow students Professor Dumbledore is giving a speech to kick

Off the school year suddenly you hear a Loud bang and see a flash of green light Member of the Death Eaters has entered The hall and is attacking the students And it gives you options A B C D and you Can pick the options and sort of run Through a text-based adventure game with Chanchi PT even though it wasn’t Directly designed to do this it’s a very Very liquid program and that gives it a Ton of capabilities like this so this is Another great example here a new way to Learn Wikipedia on the left Chad GPT on The right you can surf through material Ridiculously fast now using GPT he says It’s actually like speedrunning the Knowledge intake so he’s just blown away By chaji PT’s ability to summarize Information very easily ask specific Questions about what he’s learning from The Wikipedia article again like having Your own personal tutor there are an Absolute plethora of examples of people Using this for code like we talked about Earlier it can generate code as well Write me a program to do this write me a Program to do that this example was Fascinating as well chat gbt can just Generate AI art prompts this is Something I already have done in Previous videos by the way where I’ve Used gpt3 as a prompt generator for AI Art but apparently it’s very very good At this this is no surprise to me it

Gave him some different ways to go about Decorating a living room and gave some Visual descriptions and they translated To really really good AI art Generations As you guys can see fascinating really Creative works here it shows that Computers can now do creative stuff very Very effectively here’s a very very good Example of some code related stuff that People who don’t know about coding would Easily understand here it’s essentially Able to take some code and create a Visual image with it so you can see how It understands the different pieces of What this is supposed to look like in The end this example was fascinating as Well Chad gbt3 was able to rewrite Bohemian Rhapsody about the life of a Post Doc and the output apparently was Flawless so it’s able to take that song And completely rewrite it in a way that Is very coherent a complete parody of Another song Thank you so much everyone For watching this video make sure to Check out chat GPT and send me your Results I would love to take a look at a Lot of them check out the Discord server And join the community lots of Fascinating stuff happens on there if You want to hear about chat GPT and Stuff like that when it first announces You want to be on my Discord server Check out some of the other videos and I Will see you guys next time goodbye

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