Overwatch 2 free Highlight Intro Login Bonuses

Overwatch 2 free Highlight Intro Login Bonuses.
Overwatch 2 players now have some much-needed clarity about the promised login content that never really arrived in their accounts.
According to Overwatch Cavalry on Twitter, Blizzard has announced a new set of dates for players to get the rewards.
Blizzard has mentioned the new set of dates for the rewards in their official forum.
Since its launch, Overwatch 2 hasn’t been devoid of controversies or criticism.
On the one hand, it has managed to successfully build on the same formula that made the first game a hit.
The game’s free-to-play model has also made the game more accessible to new players.
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However, there have been numerous gameplay issues and glitches, ranging from missing rewards to connectivity issues.
While Blizzard has been hard at work fixing them, much more needs to be done.
Thankfully, it hasn’t taken them long to come up with a solution for the login rewards.

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