Overwatch 2 Season 3 Will Feature the Game’s First IP Collaboration With Doomfist’s One-Punch

Overwatch 2 Season 3 Will Feature the Game’s First IP Collaboration With Doomfist’s One-Punch Man Skin.
Overwatch 2 Season 3 will not only feature an Asian Mythology theme, a new Antarctica Control map, and a Valentine’s Day-themed browser-based Overwatch Dating Simulator, but it will also see the game’s first IP collaboration with Doomfist’s One-Punch Man skin.
Season 3 of Overwatch 2 will begin on February 7 and the One-Punch Man collaboration follows comments by Overwatch’s commercial leader and vice president, Jon Spector, about the company’s interest in exploring brand crossovers in the game similar to those seen in Fortnite.
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Overwatch previously crossed over with other Blizzard games for special skins like Widowmaker’s Nova and Kerrigan Legendary skins, but this will mark the first time Overwatch 2 has seen a skin from another company.
As for the other additions in Season 3, the first one discussed was the new Antarctica Control map.

Foreign [Music] OverWatch 2 Season 3 will feature the Game's first IP collaboration with Doomfist's one punch man skin OverWatch 2 Season 3 will not only feature an Asian mythology theme a new Antarctica Control map and a Valentine's Day themed Browser-based OverWatch dating simulator But it will also see the game's first IP Collaboration with doomfist's one punch Man scan season 3 of OverWatch 2 will Begin on February 7th and the one punch Man collaboration follows comments by Overwatch's commercial leader and Vice President John Spector about the Company's interest in exploring brand Crossovers in the game similar to those Seen in fortnite to stay up to date with Latest top stories make sure to Subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video OverWatch previously crossed over with Other blizzard games for special skins Like widowmakers Nova and Kerrigan Legendary skins but this will Mark the First time OverWatch 2 has seen a skin From another company as for the other Editions in season 3 the first one Discussed was the new and Arctica Control map fans may remember that the Main facility of Eco point Antarctica Was seen in maze rise and shine Cinematic but this will be the first

Time players will be able to explore it To the fullest blizzard promises it is a Lore Rich Tundra with several stories Yet to be told as previously mentioned Season 3 as a whole will have an Asian Mythology theme alongside featuring Overwatch's most unique skins to date Those who complete the premium battle Pass will be able to unlock the Amaterasu kariko Mythic skin which is Inspired by various deities in Japanese Mythology with customizations you can Mix and match theme for the moon the sea And storms as an added bonus koriko's Spirit Fox even gets a new look with the Skin players will also be happy to know That season 3 will offer even more Rewards for just logging in and playing OverWatch too there will be 10 Additional tiers on the free battle pass Track and an additional 1 500 credits to Earn while the premium track will add an Additional 500 credits blizzard also Noted that all 300 epic and legendary Event hero skins from OverWatch have Been added to the hero gallery and will Always be available for purchase and They have also gotten a discount from 1900 credits to 1 500 credits lastly Skins and cosmetics will be earnable Outside the battle pass via in-game Events and more details will be revealed In the future as for the loverwatch Dating Sim it will be part of the

Ultimate Valentine event that will see a Hanzo 4v4 limited time mode and support Theme challenges added to the game Alongside two epic skins and other Rewards loverwatch is a non-canon Text-based dating Sim where players will Have the chance to try to date Mercy or Junji there will be dialogue options to Choose from and a cupid that looks Suspiciously like Hanzo will assist you If you are able to unlock the secret Ending you will earn a themed potg Highlight loverwatch will be available At this link and will be playable from February 13 to 28 and will take about 30 Minutes to complete there is so much More coming in season 3 including the Return of pachim Archie from March 21 to April 4. a ton of balance matchmaking And quality of life changes the OverWatch World Cup celebration streamer Mode and accessibility improvements and More for more check out our OverWatch 2 Review where we set it switched to a 5v5 Format briefs new life into what was Once the sharpest shooter around it just Hasn't quite recaptured all of that Glory yet maybe season 3 will get it Even closer to that Glory have a tip for Us want to discuss a possible Story Please send an email to newsstips at Aim.com Adam bankhurst is a News writer For aim you can follow him on Twitter at A damninghurst and on Twitch

Foreign [Music]

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