PAX, cannabis oil and moderation

PAX Labs is a consumer electronics company in the cannabis space. Their cannabis oil based vaporizers are changing the way we consume THC and CBD. Jetty extracts, a cannabis oil producer, takes us through the process of how they make the oil that is consumed in the PAX vaporizers.

[Music] Chetty extracts was started in San Diego Founded in San Diego by a few surfers Myself being one of them [Music] Jetty uses a proprietary method to take The canvas derive terpenes which are the Flavors and the aromas from the cannabis Plant and we save them and reintroduce Them later on in the process there are a Wide range of the terpenes that are Found in a variety of different of Plants that’s what gives cannabis Strains they’re very defined like like Features what makes them like noticeable It’s what makes pure jakk tastes like Pure Jack or granddaddy tastes like Perks add anything that is not native to The cannabis plant no bubblegum flavor Yeah it’s all cannabis Lavers from the Canvas plant and yeah that’s one thing That we really do like about packs is They go really well together I mean the Fact that you can set different Temperatures on their devices really Kind of helps express the good flavors Of the cannabis plant [Music] So welcome to packs first of all I’m the CEO of pax pax is a consumer technology Brand in the cannabis space we make These wonderful vaporizers for flower as Well as oil and I don’t know if apple That made vaporizers you know and they

Don’t but if they did we hope you know We meet that standard I think pax has a great lineage of Particularly hardware creating a Wonderful experience for cannabis users What I’m really excited about is us Moving more into the software realm to Create a more holistic experience for People we have a two very different Product lines one of them is the PAX 2 And 3 and that takes kind of loose flour You grind up the cannabis and you put it In there and it’s much more tied to what People would consider to be kind of the Original cannabis experience you get to See the flower our other line is called The era so this is actually the era and This line takes these pods of extract of Concentrate [Music] Yes so we use us few small farmers Throughout the state of California and They all bring everything in through Here where it gets quarantined and we Move on this way you can see we’re Getting like some of the grinding done In this area so once everything passes The quarantine all of the plant matter Gets ground up in here and ready to put Into the socks for the extraction Process [Music] This machine uses like volatile solvents To run through the plant material and

Carry away two facts the waxes and the Oil it goes through these three hoops Here where it comes out of the fourth One and that’ll be your crude oil this Machine typically has about 10% yields From the starting plant material will Get about 1% meal from the final Extraction process this is the secondary Filtration process and it’s going to Separate out even more of the Chlorophyll and make a more pure product To go into the rotovap x’ this machine Here is the rotary evaporator also Called the rotovap for short it has a Warm water back here which is just hot Enough to evaporate the ethanol and Leave the oil in here the ethanol will Float up here where it condenses on These coils and falls into this Container you’ll be left with a mixture That is all and ready for the next Extraction process [Music] [Applause] [Music] The oil is sitting at the top where it Drips down through here and you can see Like some of the drips even happening Floats down through here and there are Wipers inside that’s separated out by The molecular weight and then so through Here you’ll get the oil which typically Comes out about 90% THC It’s the good stuff we were looking for

A differentiator everybody was in these Similar 510 cartridges I was kind of the Industry standard and pax was the first Company to come out with something Different that had tact beyond what Everybody else had they had a Closed-loop system the Bluetooth Applications all that stuff was just Next-level for the industry we have Almost 300 different SKUs of pods in the Market people can choose one that suits Their mood or suits the effect they’re Trying to get so I think a lot of other Spaces that they’re mature enough if you Take like alcohol or other things people Are familiar enough at a certain point In life where they know what a dose or a Serving is you understand what a glass Of wine will feel like one of the the Issues new people have to this world of Vaping is that they don’t really have a Sense of what a serving is or what a Dose is with this era device you can Pair it to your phone gives them several Settings might grow small medium and Large and then when they start smoking Out of their vaporizer it’ll just turn Off and flash little aqua lights letting You know that you’ve reached that amount It’s course it’s all up to you you can Turn that off you can change the setting But we developed this because we know That people really like to have Repeatable predictable experiences we

Have everything from you know veterans To you know folks that are part you know Affected by the opioid crisis cancer Patients all the way to wreck legal Users and it varies by state and so we Take that responsibility of are we Always doing the right things at the Company to provide the best experience Possible that’s the mission and so it Doesn’t just come from me it comes from My obligation to everyone that works Here and then the obligation of all of Us do this much broader dialogue around Legalization and what it means for these Different communities So we’re a small part of that and ten Years from now when the history books Are being written it was a messy space But these guys try to do the right thing That’s important to us [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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