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Discovery Channel has Shark Week, but we have Bag Week! So scary! Tito Hamze reviews a couple of products from Pelican. The company is mostly known for their indestructible hardshell cases, but for Bag Week we’re taking a gander at a couple of their backpacks.

I’m in the equipment room and if you’re In film and video there is a piece of Equipment that is your best friend the Pelican case these things are rock solid And will last through a nuclear disaster I’m not even kidding these things are Freakin insane but this isn’t about case Week this is about bag week backpacks on The box panty pack satchel suitcases It’s all about bag we’re going bag Strong bad week this whole week is all About bag week and a bunch of folks on The tech crunch team are picking Different bags to review and they’re all Great bags but since I’m more on the Production side and on the video team at TechCrunch I thought there’s no better Company to profile their products in Pelican because we use them so much so I Have three bags in front of me the you 105 the you 160 and the MPB 35 this is The u 105 urban backpack from Pelican You know it’s a slimmer backpack which Is still nice it holds 19 liters you see This exact type of handle on a lot of The Pelican products otherwise it’s a Pretty solid backpack I mean when you Put it on it lays kind of like a little Too flat for me like if you arch a Little bit look at look at all the space That’s right here there’s a bunch of Space out of the three backpacks I would Say this one is my least favorite Backpack but if you are looking for a

Solid bag to protect your laptop and That’s what it is it’s this is more of a Focus on tablets and laptops Thank you backpack we have is the Big Kahuna this bag is solid it’s the you 160 urban camera backpack it’s almost Like they had a bag and then they had One other traditional Pelican cases let Me show you like this and they just put The whole case and just molded it into a Bag if you have the backpack you have an Area up here for your DSLR camera Anything that you need to put in there And what’s cool is the case that’s right Here you open it and it has super solid Protection Or your lenses now this backpack is more Focused on the camera aficionados so you Put some lenses right here and you have A couple little pockets so this is Taking up a lot of space and you have a Couple side pockets if you’re thinking Of maybe hiking Mount Everest with a Camera bag for some reason or going into A war zone This is the cam this is the bag for you As for straps you have classic chest Strap the waist straps and a ton of Padding back here kind of padding so it Should be a comfy little sit and you Also have these metal rods that are Going through here for even more support This one’s definitely more comfortable Than the than this first bag this thing

Is going to survive like natural Disasters it says it’s waterproof Shockproof heavy duty all these Pelican Products are like the tanks of the Backpacking world The coolest part by far for this bag is The case for some real solid lens Packing and safety and security that’s The you 160 urban camera backpack last But not least we have a latest backpack From Pelican the MPB 35 mobile protect Backpack about this one isn’t as heftily Made as the other two backpacks but it’s Definitely more comfortable lighter and Holds 30 litres and it has these crazy Zippers to make the whole thing Waterproof like nothing is going to get In there it is a little tough to to open But otherwise I mean look at that huge Bag huge compartment right here to store Anything that you need and then there’s A second pocket back here For your laptop tablet and again it’s Keeping it very very secure in tight It’s not as hefty as these other Pelican Products but for an everyday bag if You’re in maybe in like a a wetter Climate look at this even a pocket out Here in the front and look this one this One definitely can get small takes up a Small footprint where these ones good Luck trying to fold this or this this is The MPB 35 will protect backpack from Pelican it’s a great little backpack

Small it does have these cool expandable Pockets right here expand put yourself a Water bottle one on each side so if I Was gonna write these it’s hard for me To write them from my least favorite to Favorite it more come down to utility so This one this one wallet wall it’s a Nice backpack it’s definitely probably Not one that I’m gonna use every day if I’m gonna go like on a shoe or a Production and I have a bunch of gear With me and a focus on camera I’m Definitely gonna take this one cuz it’s A heavy mama it’s gonna keep everything Very well protected but for an everyday Bag it’s all gonna be this MPB 35 mobile Protect backpack which it’s all black so It looks slick black on black and it’s Nice and I like how it sits on my back It sits comfortably So that’s the line alright peace best Friends [Music]

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