Pokemon Go adds Scatterbug, Spewpa & Vivillion: How to get, patterns, more

Pokemon Go adds Scatterbug, Spewpa & Vivillion: How to get, patterns, more.
Pokemon Go has announced that Scatterbug, Spewpa, and the multi-patterned Vivillon are making their debut in Pokemon Go.
Here’s everything trainers need to know about these Bug-types introductions.
With the Mythical Wishes season now in full swing, Niantic has already revealed multiple events to round out 2022.
Following up on the Tour Hoenn event and the Mythic Blade event starring Keldeo, Niantic has now announced three brand-new Bug-type Pokemon to the game, including one with multiple forms to collect.
Generation 6’s Scatterbug, Spewpa, and Vivillon are set to arrive during Holiday 2022, and players are tasked with sharing postcards from around the world to collect all of Vivillon’s different patterns.
Here’s everything players need to know about this new Vivillon event.
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Foreign [Music] Scatterbug spupa and vivilian how to get Patterns more Pokemon go has announced That Scatterbug spupa and the Multi-pattern vivilon are making their Debut in Pokemon go here's everything Trainers need to know about these bug Types introductions with the mythical Wishes season now in full swing Niantic Has already revealed multiple events to Round out 2022 following up on the tour Hone event and the Mythic blade event Starring Keldeo Niantic has now Announced three brand new bug type Pokemon to the game including one with Multiple forms to collect generation 6's Scatterbug spupa and vivilon are set to Arrive during holiday 2022 and players Are tasked with sharing postcards from Around the world to collect all of Vivilon's different patterns here's Everything players need to know about This new vivilon event to stay up to Date with latest top stories make sure To subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video According to the Pokemon go blog post Scatterbug will start appearing in the Wild as trainers collect and Pen Postcards received from different Regions evolving Scatterbug and spupa Will take 25 Scatterbug candy while Evolving spupa into vivilan will take

100 Scatterbug candy once spupa evolves Into vivilon players will find out what Wing pattern their vivilon has for Players who may not know vivilan is a Pokemon with 18 different forms Depending on the region it's caught in Subscribe to our newsletter for the Latest updates on Experts gaming and More according to the blog post trainers Can collect patterned vivilon from all Over the world by pinning postcards Received from trainers pokestops or gyms In different regions pinning postcards From eligible regions unlocks The Vivilon Collector metal and adds Progress to sub-metals associated with The postcards region of origin however It seems trainers who want to find more Scatter bug out in the wild will need to Work on collecting sub-metals as Progressing on sub-metals leads to Encounters with Scatterbug Pokemon go Will feature the following vivilon Patterns archipelago Continental elegant Garden High Plains icy snow jungle Marine Meadow modern Monsoon ocean polar River Sandstorm Savannah Sun Tundra Additionally players will be able to Check their vivil on map from the Pokedex of vivolan collector metal page To keep up with the progress of their Collection and where specific patterns Are found trainers trying to collect Each of vivilon's 18 different patterns

Should stay on top of their postcard and Vivilon sub-metal progress Foreign [Music]

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