Preview: The Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE Is a Twin-Screen Scorcher of a Gaming Laptop

This dual-screen head-turner now has options for two 4K displays, as well as new GeForce RTX 30-Series GPUs and the latest AMD Ryzen processors. We had Asus give us a tour of this unique laptop.

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[Music] Like most things This year ces 2021 is all virtual Happening in people’s homes around the Globe but That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton Of cool new tech to check out Including this insane new gaming laptop From asus That has not one but two screens I’m tom brandt from in america And with me is sasha crone from asus in Taiwan Who is here to tell us all about this New Zephyrus duo sasha take it away All right so the new version the 2021 Version of the zephyrus do As you can see it’s all in black now so Very nice Matte black glossy uh black combination Finish i’m a big fan of that myself and Yeah it looks Much more classy and premium and as soon As i open it up You can see there’s the second display And i think That’s that’s a pretty cool party trick Right Um and if you take this laptop to Somewhere and you open it up then people Notice it that’s definitely gonna turn Some hats Um and yeah it’s this the second

Generation now what’s cool about it is You know if you close this laptop people Will Know that this is a powerful system it’s It’s pretty clear that this is Uh a high-end system but nobody will Expect that there’s a second display in Here so i think that’s pretty cool How how slim it is you know considering That there’s a second display in here Yeah so two displays so you guys have so Asus has had a couple different Laptops both gaming and non-gaming with Uh With dual displays over the past couple Years Walk us through like what is the big Display what is the small display and And why do you Why do gamers need that right so Uh basically we’ve been experimenting With multiple displays for Years now it all started with a Phone display that we put into the Touchpad of one of our Zenbook models and then later we Expanded the display and we created the Screenpad plus which is what you see Here And then in our gaming zephyrus duo We then created aas plus which means we Tilt the screen upwards so uh it’s no Longer flat with the keyboard but it Tilts up for a better viewing angle

And it’s also closer to the main display So essentially you can see We’re trying as much as we can with Technology that’s available today To get the to this cool idea of having a Device that transforms into As much display as possible when you Open it up and to be as compact and Portable As possible when you close it and carry It with you So let’s talk about the specs of those Displays what kind of refresh rate do They have Um what’s the the the dimensions So uh the main display there’s two Options for this one it’s either full hd 300 hertz or 4k 120 hertz So that’s a really nice option for Content creators who need that extra Pixel real estate on the main display But they still want to be able to run At higher fps at higher refresh rate When they do game Or even just for scrolling you see a big Improvement going to 120 hertz And on the second display there’s also Two options you can either have it in Full hd resolution or in 4k resolution Although it’s half height So essentially what you’re getting is a Second display that is Half height compared to the main display To have extra screen space and

It’s touch screen so it’s essentially a Giant touchscreen that you have Sitting above the keyboard there that’s Really useful to draw All the additional apps all additional Information away from the main display Especially like today you know in the Current environment that we’re living in We have a lot of video calls just like This one and you still want to be able To Have something on the main display and Have additional information with this One You can do that really well you can move Things that are not that important to The second screen and free up the main Display to focus on the most important Stuff So um how do how does game support work With the zephyrus duo do games need to Support this specifically or can you Just set it up in the settings to um To extend across both displays or to put One window on the second one So essentially it is recognized by Windows as Just the second display as a second Monitor so you don’t need any specific Support for this Um and one of the cool things that we’re Doing we’re working with Overwolf which is a third-party provider That offers plugins for a lot of popular

Games So you can draw those overwolf plugins That display Additional interesting in-game Information to the second display so Then You can play the game on the main Display and on the screenpad plus you Can have All the additional in-game information Like the current stats you can see the Minimap and some other stuff On the screenpad plus at the same time So obviously coolest part about the Zevers duo is the Uh the dual display uh setup but Talk quickly about what are some other Features in the zephyrus duo what kind Of graphics card what kind of cpu Is there how’s the keyboard um and and What kind of port situation do we have All right so yeah performance wise this Is a really high-end system as well You’re getting Top of the line next generation mobile Amd cpu and top of the line next Generation mobile nvidia gpu And both of them come factory Overclocked so you’re really getting A ton of performance in this relatively Compact chassis as well so it’s a really Powerful workstation And yeah the keyboard is moved to the Front so you have as much space as

Possible for the screenpad plus This is also very ergonomic so it’s Essentially like having you know a Desktop keyboard Right in front of you um port wise we do Have The power jack on the left side and the Combo jack We now have a micro sd card reader built Into the laptop as well that’s new We have more speakers in here so the Speaker situation has improved And on the right side we have two usb a Ports and a usb type c Port and then we have some ports in the Rear as well So just second We have um yeah you can see right now Right we have a gigabit lag jack A usb a port and an hdmi port in the Back as well so Plenty of i o ports is this something That you can connect a vr headset to Does this have the uh The the the hdmi standards and the um Or or uh what’s the the Display port output for uh for vr Yes it does have a displayport uh signal Over the usb type c Port on the right side so you can plug That into a headset And uh yeah you can you can play vr on This and I have to say though i’m a big fan of vr

And i have the quest too And the best way to play is to stream Over wi-fi And this one has really fast wi-fi as Well so yeah that works well I was going to say yeah well the best Way to to experience the zephyrs duo is Not in vr it’s with this that insane uh Dual screen setup there If that’s something that you’re into so Asus has sold Uh and developed several different Models with Dual screens is this something that People actually want are you guys Selling a lot of um both gaming and Non-gaming laptops with these secondary Displays So yeah i mean that’s that’s a good Question because to some degree we are Always pushing the envelope and want the Latest technology And we’re not even ourselves sure is This going to be you know like for Everyone how many people are going to Buy into this but We just we’re really passionate about Technology but it turns out In 2020 we sold over 150 000 Units over 150 000 dual display laptops All of them combined um so that’s that’s Really impressive and it shows that People really like to have that second Display

Um having extra screen space and it Makes sense because for multitasking it Really makes your life So much easier to have extra screen Space so yeah the zephyrus duo New this year with this snazzy new Pop-up Screen secondary screen that lets you Put chat windows or anything else that You might want to put on that secondary Display While you game or do whatever you need To do on the Main display um we’re very much looking Forward to checking out the zephyrus duo For a full review later but it is Launching at ces And we’re very much looking forward to Checking it out Thank you very much for watching You

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