pTron launches Basspods P481 with ENC massive 60-hour playtime

pTron launches Basspods P481 with ENC massive 60-hour playtime.
Mumbai, Dec 10 (UNI) The fastest-growing audio and high-quality digital lifestyle accessories brand, pTron said that it has launched Basspods P481 True Wireless Earbuds exclusively on Flipkart with an introductory price of Rs 899 only.
Featuring the longest battery in the Basspods franchisee the P481 with deep noise cancellation for calls is an incredible combination of inspired design and innovative technology,the Basspods P481 is priced below many of pTron’s direct competitors’ most recent introductions and comes with a powerful suite of features well above its accessible price with a one-yr warranty.
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Made for the millennials on the go, the slick and stylish Basspods P481 features top-notch BT5.3 quick connectivity, 50ms low latency, smart & intuitive touch sensor controls, and a universal type-c fast charging for a great audio experience.

Foreign [Music] Launches basspod's p481 with ANC massive 60-hour playtime Mumbai December 10 Yoona the fastest growing audio and high Quality digital lifestyle accessories Brand Tron said that it has launched Basspod's p481 true wireless earbuds Exclusively on Flipkart with an Introductory price of RS 899 only Featuring the longest battery in the Basspods franchisee the p481 with deep Noise cancellation for calls is an Incredible combination of inspired Design and Innovative technology the Basspods p481 is priced below many of Tron's direct competitors most recent Introductions and comes with a powerful Suite of features well above its Accessible price with a one-year Warranty to stay up to date with latest Top stories make sure to subscribe to This YouTube channel by clicking the Button above this video made for the Millennials on the go the slick and Stylish bass pods P 481 features Top-notch BT 5.3 quick connectivity 50 Milliseconds low latency smart and Intuitive touch sensor controls and a Universal type c fast charging for a Great audio experience speaking of the Launch Mr Amin khwaja founder and CEO Tron said the brand Tron has become Synonymous with Innovative products that

Everyone can afford we launched our First true Wireless almost three years Ago and have been perfecting or truly Wireless ever since the basspods p 481 With insane playtime and outstanding Call capabilities offers an unmatched True Wireless experience Tron is proud To continue innovating and creating Products that everyone can afford with The launch of our basspods P 481 we Continue to lead the industry and Provide the same value and convenience To our consumers who prefer to shop on Flipkart offering the ultimate true Wireless experience the basspods P 481 Is perfect for streaming content all day Long the user can enjoy music video or Social media content just as the Creator Intended with Tron Cigna mature noise Canceling technology and high-resolution Audio capability remarkably small and Light approx 4G Ms and weight combined With a shape that perfectly matches Humans the earbuds are designed with Comfort and convenience in mind the Basspods P 481 is packed with a gigantic Play time of 60 hours with a powerful And compact charging case additionally Just 10 minute quick charging gives you Up to 240 minutes of play time with the Help of a new 10 millimeters driver unit These small earbuds pack a punch Producing powerful bass and stunningly Clear vocals despite their size bringing

Out the best in whatever genre or Entertainment you choose perfect for Busy commutes the advanced processor in The earbuds improves noise canceling Enhances sound quality and reduces Distortion with less power for Distraction-free listening and a great Calling experience these earbuds are Also Google Assistant Siri and Alexa Compatible helping you with everyday Tasks for hands-free help on the go Packed in a sheet minimal aesthetic with A trendy design and and satin finish Body the earbuds are ipx4 rated for Protection from sweat and water making It appropriate for life on the go inside Or outside the home available in stylish Black and classic white color to suit Your daily Lifestyle the basspods P 481 Will available on Flipkart from December 11 12 noon onwards [Music]

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