Researchers develop an artificial neuron closely mimicking the characteristics of

Researchers develop an artificial neuron closely mimicking the characteristics of a biological neuron.
In a recent article published in Nature Materials, researchers reported a conductance-based organic electrochemical neuron (c-OECN) that mimicked biological signaling in neurons, especially activation/inactivation of their sodium and potassium channels.
Neurons crosstalk and process information primarily via the sodium and potassium ion channels (in the cell membrane) through spike generation in membrane potentials (also called action potential).
Silicon and organic semiconductors-based neurons mimic only limited neural features.
Moreover, they operate at time and spike voltages radically varied from those witnessed in biology.
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Consequently, they require the coupling of supplementary sensing elements to act as neuromorphic sensors.
A circuit more closely mimicking biological neurons should be able to activate and inactivate faster like a sodium channel and activate post a delay like a potassium channel.

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Glutamine causes changes in the VP of The ECT electrolyte solution and the Channel's conductance perhaps due to the Effect of hydrogen bonding interactions Of these molecules with BBL thus as a Channel material BBL exhibits a stable Exclusive and reversible anti-mipipolar Behavior in a three-terminal arrangement In a circuit it could be analogous to The states of the voltage-gated sodium Channel in a Neuron model notably at 4.15 EV electron affinity BBL could Sustain High doping levels however it Did not exhibit any conformational Disorder thus enabling reversibility the Coecn circuit used 2x not plus act and K Plus act with the latter having a Thicker BBL film 50 NM vs 20 NM used in Na plus act to allow higher currents Through the potassium Channel use using These the researchers demonstrated that The coecn action potential typically Exhibited all the features of a Biological action potential this de re And hyperpolarization conclusion to Conclude the study demonstrated that Unlike previously used X-coecn's remarkably mimicked most Critical biological neural features the Coecn mimicked biological neurons Remarkably well spiking at 100 Hertz Frequencies replicating most critical Neuron features and exhibiting Stochastic response and the presence of

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