Review: Focals by North smart glasses

These smart glasses look great and work just fine, but probably aren’t for everybody.

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Hello and welcome to the 2019 edition of Little smart glasses actually be a thing Today we are looking at the focus by North which is a Canadian company that Like the rest of us didn’t want to live In a future where Google glass might be A real thing The folks at North prioritized making a Great pair of glasses over making a cool Gadget now that’s not to say that it’s Not a cool gadget but these things Really do look and feel like a pair of Regular old glasses except for the fact That they’re a little bit heavier on the Front side than a pair of Orbeez let’s Say in fact the average onlooker Probably wouldn’t even know that you’re Wearing smart glasses at all However folks wearing the glasses will Notice that they aren’t so regular Vocals act a bit like an apple watch on Your face relaying notifications and Messages from your phone on the right Lens just above your sight line you’ll See incoming notifications from messages Calendar reminders email slack and uber And Fogle’s also offer a variety of Other content to be consumed discretely Like sports scores and language lessons As well as the time and date to navigate The UI the user wears a ring with a Little joystick attached to scroll Through the various functions of the Device one of those functions is to

Respond to text you can do that by Choosing from a list of smartly Generated responses to the text you’ve Been sent or you can use the built-in Alexa integration and speak your Responses one caveat to this is that Since I message is a closed platform Fogle’s has to generate a dummy number To send responses to text messages so How does one go about actually getting a Pair well it starts with a sizing Consultation at one of North’s stores They have one in Cobble Hill Brooklyn Where we went there’s also one in Toronto and there North has a booth Outfitted with 11 cameras Now those cameras generate a 3d model of Your head ensuring you end up with the One of a hundred sizes that North offers That might fit you best from there you Can choose from three color offerings And then you go through a demo of the Product a few weeks later after your Glasses have been built you head back to The store for a final fitting and to Pick up your pair of smart glasses folk Will start at $600 [Music]

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